The service is already available at Orenco Station, but is expanding to Intel's four campuses.

       The ride sharing service ReachNow plans to expand its operations from Portland to include Intel's four Oregon campuses in Hillsboro and Aloha, adding a transportation option to folks looking to get to or from one of Hillsboro's Intel campuses in a hurry.

ReachNow is a free-floating car service owned by BMW, with hundreds of BMW and Mini vehicles across the Portland area for use for short trips. The company announced it plans to have dedicated parking spaces at Intel's Ronler Acres, Jones Farm, Hawthorne Farm and Aloha campuses.

The company is largely centered in downtown Portland, but offers pickup and drop-off service at a handful of Washington County stops, including Hillsboro's Orenco Station, Portland Community College's Rock Creek campus and Tektronix in Beaverton. The company first expanded from Seattle to the Portland area last fall.

"Portland was one of the first cities in America to embrace car sharing, but large suburban business campuses are often still relatively limited in mobility options," said Steve Banfield, ReachNow's chief executive officer. "Intel has shown a strong commitment to providing employees and others on their campuses with sustainable, alternative transportation options. We believe that giving Intel employees and suburban residents more options for getting to the places they need to go will reduce traffic congestion. Access to ReachNow cars on an as-needed basis makes commuting by bike, bus, light rail and carpooling on a regular basis more viable."

The cars will be available to Intel employees, contractors or other Intel visitors, the company said. The company has offered services to Intel through a pilot program over the last few months, but formalized the agreement with the announcement.

"Intel is committed to ensuring employees, customers, and suppliers have safe and reliable transportation options," said Neil Tunmore, Intel Corporate Vice President and Director of Corporate Services. "We encourage a number of alternatives for our employees including biking, walking, carpool, and public transit with access to last mile options. We are excited to now offer ReachNow and hope this new venture will inspire others to follow suit,".

The company announced in March it would merge with Daimler's Car2Go ride-sharing service.

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