The old squad car was found near Susbauer and Wren roads on Sunday, May 27 in Washington County.

WCSO PHOTO - This former squad car was found in rural Washington County on Sunday, May 27, police say.A former squad car is back in the long arms of the law — but police say the driver of the car is suspected of abandoning the vehicle after a high-speed crash.

Washington County Sheriff's deputies found the car near the intersection of Northwest Susbauer and Wren roads — a rural area east of both Hillsboro and Forest Grove — in the early morning hours on Sunday, May 27.

Police say the driver of the car was traveling "at high speeds" with the headlights turned off. The motorist apparently lost control, careened into a ditch and then hit a road sign before finally coming to a halt after hitting two oak trees.

The driver then fled the scene, police say.

Police cars are often sold at auction after a long lifetime of service, and are considered street legal once special features and the police signage have been removed.

POLICE PHOTO - An old police car was found crashed near Northwest Susbauer and Wren roads on Sunday, May 27, deputies say.

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