Alexander Edward fell nearly half a mile while climbing Mount Adams, north of Hood River.

PHOTO COURTESY WALTER SIEGMUND - Search and rescue teams recovered the body of Alexander Edward from Mount Adams, in Yakima County, Wash., on Wednesday.The body of a 28-year-old Hillsboro man was recovered from Mount Adams on Wednesday, May 29, three days after he died in a fall while climbing the mountain.

Alexander Edward fell while climbing Mount Adams in Washington on Sunday, May 27.

According to the Yakima County Sheriff's Office, Edward was summating the mountain with two other people when he fell from the 11,000-foot mark down a steep chute. Authorities say he fell nearly half a mile. He was recovered at the 8,500-foot mark, according to sheriff's deputies.

According to the Yakima Herald newspaper, a skier on Mount Adams discovered the body on Sunday, at first believing the body to be a mannequin in the snow. The man, who was not identified, told the newspaper he first through the mannequin was part of a search and rescue training.

After realizing his mistake, the man checked for a pulse, noted the body's position, continued down the mountain, where he called 9-1-1.

Poor weather kept crews from recovering the body until Wednesday, according to deputies. Rescue crews first attempted to land a helicopter in the area, but rescuers used snowmobiles and hiked out to the area on Wednesday to recover the body, the Herald reported.

"We still don't know (Edward's) level of experience," Yakima County Sheriff Office spokesman Casey Schilperoort told the Herald. "We didn't find any skis, ski poles or crampons. His clothing was relatively new but we don't know if those things fell when he did."

Rescue teams from Central Washington, Olympic and Tacoma mountain rescues, the U.S. Forest Service and volunteer searchers from Hood River County assistaed with the recovery.

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