The car was struck by a passing train near Wren Road about 11 p.m., Wednesday, Oct. 10.

COURTESY PHOTO: WCSO - Authorities say a vehicle stopped too close to a train track on Wren Road, Wednesday evening, and was struck by a train.Washington County Sheriff's deputies say a woman was not injured after her vehicle was struck by a train north of Cornelius on Wednesday night.

Det. Mark Povolny with the Washington County Sheriff's Office said a woman was driving a white sedan along Northwest Wren Road at about 11 p.m., Oct. 10, when she stopped at a train crossing near Northwest Susbauer Road.

The train crossing does not have crossing gate signals, and the car stopped too close to the train track, Povolny said.

As the train passed, it struck the hood of the car. The impact sent the car spinning, Povolny said.

"As the train came through and hit the front of her car, it spun around and the train hit the back of her car as well," Povolny said.

The vehicle came to a stop in a field, Povolny said. The woman was not hurt.

"It's amazing that she wasn't injured," Povolny said.

The train was able to come to a stop several miles away, in the Helvetia area, Povolny said, where deputies were able to speak with the operator of the train. No charges were filed.

Matt Johnston, a spokesman with the Cornelius Fire Department, said another vehicle discovered the woman's car, which was destroyed. In the impact.

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