Andrew Moret claimed he killed Alonzo Gregg in an act of self defense. Now he says that's not true.

MoretA Hillsboro deli worker who represented himself in court and testified that he killed a man outside a Hillsboro Police station in 2015 now says he wasn't the man that pulled the trigger.

Andrew Moret, 34, was in a Washington County courtroom on Thursday, Feb. 28, for sentencing after a jury convicted him for the 2015 murder of Alonzo Gregg. Moret shot Gregg nine times outside Dandy's Deli, 1075 S.E. Baseline St., next to the Hillsboro Police Department.

Calling into the courtroom from South Carolina, Kimberley King, Gregg's sister, told the judge that her family had forgiven Moret for his crime, and the family presented him with a leather-bound, gold-leafed Bible to read in prison.

"Alonzo doesn't have another chance, but you do," she told Moret during the sentencing. "We hope that while we continue to heal, you do as well."

Moret acted as his own attorney in the two-week trial and told jurors repeatedly that he had shot Gregg in self-defense, believing the man to be a "trained assassin" sent by Hillsboro Police to kill him after he uncovered what he described as a drug ring within the department.

But standing before Judge Andrew Erwin, Moret said he didn't kill Gregg at all, telling Gregg's family that he had lied on the stand in order to "protect his family."

"I'm sorry, I don't know the man who shot your brother," he told King. "But if it makes you feel better believing it was me, so be it."

Erwin interrupted him, reminding him that he had testified under oath that he had shot Gregg. He reprimanded him for making such claims now.

"You've lost the right to say that to the victim," he said.

"I will do and say what I need to say to keep my family safe," Moret retorted. "Even going down for something that I didn't do."

Moret apologized to Gregg's family for not being able to prove his case effectively in court, then attempted to read a prepared statement in Japanese, his voice growing louder as he attempted to speak over the judge's orders to stop the odd behavior.

Moret was dragged from the courtroom by Washington County Sheriff's deputies after he refused to stop speaking in Japanese.

This isn't the first time Moret has acted dramatically in court. During his opening statements, Moret sang "The Star Spangled Banner." Before he was, again, removed from the courtroom by deputies after refusing to listen to the judge's orders to stop.

Moret has also accused state prosecutors, medical examiners, and the Washington County Circuit Court of conspiring to put him behind bars.

Erwin said Moret has tried several times to derail the trial when he believed things were not going in his favor.

Moret spent more than a year in the Oregon State Hospital in Salem being treated for mental health issues. He was declared fit to stand trial last year. Erwin stressed that Moret's actions were not the antics of a man with mental health problems, but were a ruse meant to set up a possible appeal that Moret wasn't fit to stand trial in the case.

"Mr. Moret has been, at times, unbelievably intelligent and thoughtful," Erwin told the court. "He's been very goal oriented and (he has been) planning. There was not a single part of this trial that I doubted that he understood what he was doing or that he understood the charges against him. Oh, he took a defense that was atrocious on every level, but that doesn't mean he didn't make a knowing, voluntary and intelligent decision to mount that defense."

Moret worked at Dandy's Deli and was selling drugs from the establishment, according to prosecutors. Moret told jurors he never sold drugs but was "undercover" as a drug dealer in an attempt to expose corruption within the Hillsboro Police Department.

Jurors didn't buy that story, deliberating for only 34 minutes before convicting the man for murder and unlawful use of a weapon. Murder is a Measure 11 crime with a mandatory life sentence.

Moret will be eligible for parole in 2049.

By Geoff Pursinger
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