Switching back to two-way streets would be a big mistake

I am angry!

I am angry with the mayor and the Hillsboro City Council who have now decided the city of Hillsboro needs to go back to two-way streets.

I testified before the city council when this discussion started. I said that as a person who does business in downtown Hillsboro every working day, parking is easier because if I can’t find parking on one side of the street, usually I can find it on the other side. If a delivery truck is stopped in the lane of traffic, I can go around the vehicle.

The business owners testified that “studies” show businesses will increase 25 percent and residents would start shopping downtown again. Totally unrealistic! Did they ask you? They didn’t ask me.

My feeling after testifying and listening to the business owners testify was that the decision had already been made.

This change will cost millions of dollars, and are the business owners going to pay to change it back if they change their minds again?

A Hillsboro business owner was quoted as saying: “I would like to create parking problems. Create the problem, then create the solution.”

This is from a man who has his own parking spot.

Hillsboro went from two-way streets to one-way streets because the business owners felt at that time it would make it easier for residents to shop downtown, and traffic would move smoothly.

Now they want to take out the stoplights and put in stop signs in all four directions at the four main intersections on Main Street (Second, Third, Fourth and Sixth). Travel all through Hillsboro on Main Street will be crippled!

I have lived and shopped in Hillsboro for more than 40 years. When these changes are made, I will have to decide if it is worth the extra time and effort to come downtown. I doubt it!

Carol L. Faber


Planning commissioners need to listen to local residents

Now everything is up to the Hillsboro Planning Commission. Everybody has had their say.

If the planning board members give the green light to WalMart to proceed, they will always be remembered for two things: One, the impact this will have on the families in the neighborhood who live in the area; and two, turning Cornelius Pass Road and Baseline Road into a nightmare for those who commute on these roads.

That is the negative side.

On the positive side, if the planning board members deny this petition as the previous board did, they will be remembered for standing up to the pressure WalMart has put on them, and truly representing the people.

It is plain and simple.

WalMart does not belong in a quiet residential neighborhood.

Joe Kosmalski


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