Study on two-way streets was biased from the start

I am sad and very disappointed! There have been so many lies and half-truths from the beginning of the push to change the city of Hillsboro back to two-way streets — with stop signs at every corner — by the proponents of this project.

The study done by the city was biased from the beginning. The city manager and the head of the Economic Development Council can stand up in front of a group of people and state the opposite. Those of us who have watched the progression of this project know the truth. They had their minds made up and geared the study to reflect their views.

In the not-so-distant past, the businesses in downtown Hillsboro went out of their way to attract customer (special sales, special offers, Western Days, Happy Days, etc.) Now, the city jumps, at great expense, when a few (not the majority) businessmen say “Jump.”

The proposed two-way street system will be dangerous and frustrating to pedestrians and vehicles. Apparently, this is not as important a consideration as a few businesses hoping to increase their bottom line. We will give you full credit for the accidents and injuries that will follow.

I want to thank the three council members — Megan Braze, Darell Lumaco and Fred Nachtigal — for putting common sense and the citizens of Hillsboro first. To the three other council members and the mayor, who put a few businessmen ahead of the people that support downtown businesses, shame on you! We will remember at election time.

Change for the better is good and necessary. Change just to change and satisfy a few at the expense of many is wrong.

Carol Faber


City’s one-way streets are obsolete and useless

I have lived in cities across America, both large and small. When I first saw downtown Hillsboro, and noted all the one-way streets, I knew I’d seen this mistake before in Greensboro, N.C.

Basically, one-way grids in small cities was a silly traffic-engineering fad from the 1960s. All it ever accomplished was making drivers go around their elbows to get to their thumbs. One-way streets are necessary evils in dense crowded urban cores — which downtown Hillsboro certainly isn’t and won’t ever be.

The current one-way system does nothing more than force drivers to waste time and gas. So it’s definitely past time to rid ourselves of this obsolete, useless annoyance.

William Spainhour


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