Hillsboro's library director is encouraging local itizens to register for reading challenge.

Prevent 'brain drain' with library reading challenge

Have you heard of "brain drain?" Researchers coined this term to describe the process of kids losing knowledge because they don't continue to read over the summer.

I see this in September at the library, as kids often struggle with rusty reading skills after weeks away from school. Winter break is not as long as summer vacation, but brain drain can still occur on a smaller scale — and it can happen to adults, too.

Our Winter Reading Challenge — read seven times, for 20 minutes each time, between Dec. 16 and Dec. 31 — helps families avoid brain drain by keeping kids and adults reading throughout the season.

Children who complete the challenge earn a ticket to attend an after-hours party at the library with their family and their favorite "plush one." Teens and adults who succeed will be entered in a drawing to win $50 gift cards to Powell's Books.

I hope you consider registering for the challenge at, or in person at Brookwood or Shute Park Library. And on behalf of our entire team, enjoy the holidays!

Stephanie Chase

Library Director

City of Hillsboro

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