Parents' Rights in Education director says district shouldn't allow contraceptives at health center.

Lori Porter of Cornelius is the director of Parents' Rights in Education

Once dropped off at school, are parents/guardians in charge of their child's health care or are strangers?

The Hillsboro School District Board of Directors is once again considering a change to a longstanding district policy that, if approved, would begin allowing their School Based Health Center to distribute hormonal contraceptives to students (See the Jan. 9, 2018, HSD Board meeting agenda).

The next HSD Board meeting is on Tuesday, Jan. 23, at 7 p.m.

This is despite a May 24, 2016, 4-3 vote by the Board to not allow the distribution of contraceptives to students. This despite the fact that Oregon school districts have local control and are not required to have their SBHC distribute contraceptives (ie: IUDs, injections, oral contraceptives, condoms, Plan B/morning-after pill, implantable rod, etc.) to students (See: Oregon 2017 SBHC Standards for Certification).

Leading up to this 2016 vote, there were weeks of late Board meetings, a petition with over 200 signatures from Hillsboro residents and a plethora of public comments. Why is the Board once again considering a change to this policy? Didn't they hear the community's sentiments?

The Board could make a decision as soon as February. Public comment is welcome, video-recording is OK, media can attend, and you can give the Board hard copies of your comments, questions and supporting documents. Calls/emails can be directed to the HSD Board of Directors.

Absent extreme situations, no parent should be barred from knowing what medical treatment, prescription or referrals their child is being given while at school. A policy that takes authority away from parents/guardians creates a wedge between parent/child relationships and clearly discriminates against the civil rights of Hillsboro families who hold various values and beliefs.

Where is the equity in this?

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