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This week we heard about Hillsboro's school board race, the Electoral College and bills in Salem.

Hillsboro district mom backs Kim for school board

As a parent of three children who are currently in HSD, I can confidently say that See Eun Kim is the one that we need for a brighter future for our children. She has a genuine heart and passion for children and that is not something you can learn or adopt.

In the time that I've known See Eun, she has been a passionate advocate for children's rights. See Eun is bright and will bring high levels of energy and enthusiasm to our district.

With her unique experiences and her background, she is ready to jump in to make an impact to our children and our future.

Without reservation, I will be voting for See Eun this May. I hope everyone will join me in this!

Jueun Jung, Aloha

Electoral College protects smaller states like Oregon

Without the Electoral College and a change to popular vote, Oregon would no longer need bother to vote. The voters in California and New York would elect the president, since they have the overwhelming majority of voters. [Ed.: About 18% of the U.S. population lives in California and New York combined. Those two states plus Texas and Florida, the second- and third-largest states by population behind California, account for about one-third of all U.S. residents.] No one would bother to campaign in Oregon, or Idaho, or even Washington.

To change the Constitution as written, whether it is the Electoral College or the Second Amendment, and in particular, the 10th Amendment, would mean the end of our constitutional republic. But perhaps, that is the real purpose behind the "every vote counts" movement — the end of the United States.

Bill Blankinship, Hillsboro

Hillsboro School Board member endorses Kim

I first met See Eun Kim last year when she began attending School Board meetings and volunteering on school district committees. I was immediately taken by her positive, energetic demeanor. I've had the opportunity to get to know her better and her passion for serving our community.

As a current School Board member, it is extremely important to me that potential board members be prepared to jump right into this important work, the learning curve is steep and we deal in the future of our community.

See Eun Kim is the only candidate who is prepared and has the passion to serve our community and its children. She has experience as a classroom teacher and working with children across the globe. Beyond her extensive experience in the educational realm, she has been doing the work to prepare for this position since last year.

Our community deserves a board member who is engaged, has demonstrated dedication serving our children, and who has shown an eagerness to work hard and build relationships. See Eun Kim is that person. Join me in voting for See Eun Kim on May 21st!

Erika Lopez

Member, Hillsboro School Board

McLain's license bill flouts voters' will

Only five years after Washington County voters overturned driver licenses for illegal aliens by a 2-1 margin, your Rep. Susan McLain has overturned voters by supporting House Bill 2015 to reissue them.

Described by the Democrat supermajority as "road equity," Oregon will again be a magnet for drug dealers and other criminals who need driver licenses to evade car searches. The Department of Motor Vehicles will still have no database to show who maintains his car insurance, and illegal aliens can use their cards as an ID for other benefits. In addition, the validity of American driver licenses will be thrown in doubt in terms of air travel and ID, according to the federal Real ID Act.

The Democrat majority is undermining citizens and the rule of law in order to shield illegal aliens from the inconvenience of consequences. The talking points they get from the illegal alien lobby are a thinly disguised attempt to validate lawlessness.

By her vote, McLain has violated the "equity" citizens used to have in their own government because HB 2015 has an emergency clause to prevent citizens from remanding it to the ballot a second time. [Ed.: McLain is a chief sponsor of House Bill 2015, but the bill has not yet received a vote in committee.] Illegal aliens — 1. Citizens — 0.

Lyneil Vandermolen, Stafford

Foster kids need healthy interaction, bonding

When I was 8 years old, my tow-headed sister and I got into a fight at the dinner table. This may seem like an unremarkable incident, as siblings fight all the time; but at 20, I can still remember exactly what the fight was about. She didn't like that I was smiling at her. Dazed and staring into space with a smile spread across my face, my sister reacted to my grin as if I had thrown my butter knife at her.

While sibling fights at the dinner table may seem like a common activity, the nature of the foster care system often removes the most basic sibling interactions. With Oregon's foster care system facing a myriad of challenges, sibling separation is a huge issue that is often left unmentioned.

Kindred Matters is a saving grace for families affected by the Oregon foster care system. Kindred Matters focuses on creating positive outcomes for Northwest children by shaping strong family relationships in the absence of traditional family environments. The organization hosts KINect events, as well as Camp To Belong sibling camps, to provide siblings living in separate environments opportunities to be together in fun, childhood settings.

As a volunteer for Camp To Belong, I can testify to the amazing sibling bonds that this organization is able to help strengthen. Kindred Matters further provides opportunities for foster parents to obtain continuing education credits necessary for maintaining their home's certification.

With the lack of willing foster parents in Oregon, the work that Kindred Matters does to make resources more accessible, and provide sibling bonding opportunities deserves support and recognition.

Siblings deserve the opportunity to bond, and even silly dinner table altercations are important for the bonding experience; Kindred Matters works to ensure that these moments are not lost in the chaos of the system.

Riley Stewart, Forest Grove

Tell Merkley we need the Electoral College

I'm astonished that anyone that lives in Oregon would want to abolish the Electoral College. I'm even more amazed that our elected officials would throw their weight behind the notion.

Within the last week, I've gotten an email update from Sen. Jeff Merkley saying that he is introducing legislation calling for the abolishment of the Electoral College. If passed, it will mean that persons in states like Oregon and Washington will have absolutely no say in the national election.

We have very little influence now, but without the Electoral College, we will have none.

Please contact Merkley to voice your opposition to this bill.

Harold Hutchison, Forest Grove

Ask lawmakers to vote no on HB 3063

The current measles outbreak was not spread in a school setting. [Ed.: Several schools in Clark County, Wash., were identified as exposure sites for measles in January.] So why are Oregon lawmakers currently pushing a law that would permanently ban unvaccinated or partially vaccinated children from daycare and schools?

Healthy unvaccinated children do not harbor illness or viruses. They cannot spread what they do not have.

I thought that education was important to Oregon's elected officials. In Oregon, there is already law that unvaccinated children must be excluded from school during an actual outbreak of a contagious disease such as the measles. Why would anyone want to make the quarantine permanent? What is the point of denying perfectly healthy kids an education or after school activities? This is segregation. I thought we we done with segregation in schools.

Please ask your representative to vote no on House Bill 3063.

Holly Garland, Hillsboro

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