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This week, we got plenty of letters about Hillsboro's school board race, and Salem leadership.

City councilor supports Kim for School Board

I am writing in support of See Eun Kim for the Hillsboro School Board Seat 4. See Eun is clearly the best choice to set policy for HSD.

I met See Eun last year and was immediately impressed. When I ran for City Council, I prepared for the role by attending City Council meetings, meeting with community leaders and researching council work. I have seen See Eun preparing for the HSD School Board with similar zeal and attention to detail. I respect how much effort she has devoted toward understanding the role of a School Board member. See Eun has done the hard work and is ready to serve our community effectively on day one.

Beyond that, See Eun has experience as a classroom teacher, as well as serving on the HSD curriculum advisory committee, and works directly with at-risk children as a court-appointed special advocate (CASA). She will bring a critical perspective to our board and help make sure that HSD serves all children well.

Please join me in voting for See Eun Kim for HSD School Board Seat 4 by May 21 and ensuring that the children in our community have the preparation they need to be successful tomorrow.

Beach Pace, Hillsboro City Councilor

No on House Bill 3063

I am passionately opposed to House Bill 3063 — the bill Oregon legislators are attempting to pass that would require 100% vaccine compliance in trade for the right for children to attend school.

While I understand concerns about measles, a simple search of the CDC website reveals numbers are in the normal realm we see year to year for measles cases. There have been zero deaths during this supposed outbreak or in the last several years.

Oregon Health Authority is on record last year stating "the vast majority of Oregon parents choose to fully immunize their children." This means the system is working and there is no crisis here that would require such a drastic step as removing children's ability to attend public, private and religious schools. Over 31,000 children could potentially lose their access to schooling if this bill passes.

Removing philosophical and religious exemptions and leaving only medical exemptions is not a valid option. Medical exemptions in Oregon are almost impossible to obtain as OHA have instituted guidelines that are even more restrictive than what the CDC outlines.

There is no crisis in Oregon. Tell your representative to vote no for HB 3063 and to use Oregon's tax dollars in a better way.

Kristen Locati, Hillsboro

Kim's experience makes her best choice for HSD

I am writing to encourage support for See Eun Kim for the Hillsboro School Board. I have enjoyed getting to know See Eun Kim over the last year. She has an unmatched passion for high-quality education and ensuring that all students have real opportunities to be successful.

Not only does See Eun Kim bring the right passion, she also brings the preparation and knowledge. She is by far the most prepared candidate in the race. During my years of service in our community, I've learned that not everyone understands the role and work of School Board members, even candidates. But See Eun Kim understands the complexities and is ready to fight for students.

See Eun Kim serves our community as a court-appointed special advocate for at-risk children, as well as a classroom volunteer in HSD. She also has experience as a classroom teacher. She has the ideal experience to work hard for teachers and students and ensure our district keeps improving.

I will be voting for See Eun Kim on May 21, and I hope you do too.

Hector Hinojosa, Hillsboro

School Board needs a teacher's perspective

I am happy to write in support of See Eun Kim for Position 4 on the Hillsboro School Board. I attend Portland Community College and as a recent high school graduate, I understand how important it is that our School Board be student-focused. Graduates won't be prepared for career or college without a board that is focused on equipping them for the future.

See Eun Kim spends her life serving and advocating for children. As the only candidate with teaching experience, she will clearly prioritize students and their achievement. Our community should have representatives on the School Board who support students and will devote the time necessary to ensure student opportunity and success. See Eun Kim is that person.

The choice in this race is clear, and I urge my fellow voters to join me and vote for See Eun Kim on May 21.

Daniela Ortiz, Beaverton

HSD has 'awesome' candidate in Kim

As the parent of two children in the Hillsboro School District, I am looking forward to voting for See Eun Kim on May 21.

When I first met See Eun Kim, I immediately wanted to learn more about her and over the last year, I have seen firsthand how dedicated she is to Hillsboro, students, and the school system.

See Eun Kim has the support of nearly all our local leaders. The reason for that is because she is by far the most qualified candidate to secure the future of our students and school district.

See Eun Kim has been attending parent group meetings and school district events for the last year, listening to parent concerns first hand. This ensures that her perspective will be well-rounded and meet the needs of all students and schools, not just one pocket of the community.

See Eun Kim has experience as a classroom teacher, so she understands the importance of targeting resources where they will help students most—in the classroom.

See Eun Kim is talented, passionate and awesome — please join me in voting for See Eun Kim on May 21!

Kristi Wilson, Hillsboro

We need leadership to overcome challenges

Americans are sick and tired of all the negative campaigning the political world has fallen into. Regardless of party affiliation, speaking to what they view as a vision on the issues will separate them from the field.

As citizens, we can understand commonsense approaches to any problem. America has numerous issues it wants settled ASAP:

1) Mending our relationships with our allies throughout the Americas and Europe.

2) Addressing climate change with other nations as a world seeking solutions.

3) To achieve equality; cleaning up the voting system, and the influence of huge amounts of money in our politics.

4) Serious proposals to reduce the national debt.

5) Immigration legislation to heal the divisions we are experiencing.

6) Addressing the reality of global markets for our services and production.

7) The negotiation of nuclear proliferation worldwide.

8) A worldwide agreement that protects intellectual property.

9) And leading the legislative development of providing our citizens with lower cost medical services;and alternative choices of insurance programs.

We all have additional concerns. We will never gain consensus in legislative action until we have a leadership that demands members of Congress fulfill the oath they take to serve our nation over ideologies they hide behind.

It is said "water seeks its own level." It is my firm belief that anyone running against the current order of business would be remiss in getting down on the same level politicians would like them to engage in. Getting into a pissing match with a skunk results in one thing — you smell like the skunk.

Larry Chadwick, Lake Oswego

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