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Readers have their say in our final mailbag before the May 19, 2020, primary election.

Tillamook County judge backs colleague Grant

I am writing to express my strong support for Jenefer Grant's re-election as circuit court judge in Columbia County.

I first met Judge Grant in 2007 and we have kept in touch over the last decade. I have also had the privilege of occasionally hearing cases in Columbia County and have seen her in action on the bench.

Over the years, Judge Grant has impressed me with her hard work and dedication, utmost integrity and compassion for the people who appear in front of her. She genuinely cares about litigants and what happens to them when they walk out of the courtroom. She works hard to craft holistic legal solutions to people's problems.

Judge Grant has been a pioneer in bringing innovative legal programs to Columbia County. To be an effective judge in a smaller county, a wide range of experience is vital. Judge Grant has that experience and it shows. In addition, she is well-respected throughout the state by her judicial colleagues.

I urge the voters of Columbia County to vote for Judge Grant in May.

Mari Garric Trevino

Presiding Judge, Tillamook County Circuit Court

Public safety levy is needed for Washington County

Our kids need safe communities, and this levy supports essential services that keep our kids safe. Especially now, with so much stress on our community, it's imperative we sustain our Washington County public safety network. Our youth must know when times get tough there is an underlying network available to support them.

Unfortunately, during times like this, our children are more likely to be victimized. Teachers and school staff are often the ones children turn to for help. With school being out for the rest of the year, these children may be isolated with their abusers. Trauma in childhood, if left untreated, doesn't just make childhood more difficult; it increases the likelihood of challenges later in life, including mental health problems, homelessness and drug addiction.

In the past 10 years, we've seen a 25% increase in Washington County children needing child abuse medical evaluations, and our public safety partners play a critical role in helping education professionals ensure children can access the medical and mental health care they need after a crisis. Please vote yes on the Washington County Public Safety Levy 34-296 to protect children today and promote the health and safety of our community well into the future.

Martin Granum

Board Member, Hillsboro School District

Clarke is who Columbia County needs as judge

I have worked with Michael T. Clarke and his law firm for the past four years. For those who have never met Mike, he is someone you can talk to about last weekend's family BBQ, your recent home renovation, a new car part or the results of last night's big game. He is just a regular guy who relates to everyday people.

Mike's friends are not judges and lawyers; they are everyday people you pass on the street, make your coffee, fix your electrical issues and change your oil. They're you, they're me, they're the soul of this very community. Just talk to him, you'll see he fits in with all of us.

Mike is not immersed in the dysfunctional bureaucracy of this county. Mike truly cares about his clients and understands that in the toughest times, people need someone they can rely on to navigate them through our complex legal system.

This is the sort of judge Columbia County needs. Someone who interacts with the community on all levels, whose bedside manner is always respectful, caring, and understanding of the legal issues people find themselves in.

Please help support change in our county. Vote for Clarke!

Melissande Jadrnak, Scappoose

Garrett's successes as sheriff are many

Maintaining safe neighborhoods is important in a growing county, so I urge you to vote this May to keep Pat Garrett as our sheriff. His strong leadership keeps Washington County safe.

In addition to his support of proactive patrols, a well-run Jail, and investigators who solve and prevent crime, he supports innovative specialty courts that provide accountability with treatment services to reduce future criminal behavior. Sheriff Garrett assigns a deputy to both the Veterans Court and the Washington County Drug Court.

I had the pleasure this past year of joining Sheriff Garrett at the first Veterans Court graduation. This innovative docket provides the right blend of supportive treatment and accountability to our veterans whose service-related trauma is an underlying factor in their criminal offenses. Instead of a jail stay, Veterans Court participants attend intensive treatment, build job skills, work with counselors and the Veterans Court deputy toward healthy, crime free outcomes.

The Drug Court deputy works to ensure program enrollees with severe addictions have the best chance to heal, remain employed and connect with their families.

In addition, Sheriff Garrett supports Mental Health Court. His actions prove he is an excellent justice system partner and works to ensure effective programs continue.

Join me to keep Sheriff Pat Garrett. His commitment to lowering crime through innovative strategies that change behavior, reduce crime and promote healthy outcomes for veterans and other offenders is important for keeping Washington County safe.

State Rep. Janeen Sollman, Hillsboro

Correll would bring understanding to county commission

We need to choose the best person for the job, someone with plenty of real-life experience and maturity, plus solid financial understanding of pluses and minuses in the business world, not just government.

Jeanne Correll gained this through 12 years of running her own bookkeeping business. Jeanne is just the leader we need now.

Jeanne Correll is going to work for all, especially us seniors! Our property taxes in Columbia County are so high, most seniors cannot afford them. Let Jeanne work for you.

Jeanne Correll has my vote for county commissioner.

Anna Earlywine, St. Helens

Add school resource officer with Tigard levy

The Tigard police services levy, Measure 34-295 on our May ballots, will bring an additional school resource officer (SRO) to Tigard schools. SROs play a critical role in ensuring safety in our schools, which in turn fosters a great climate for learning.

SROs build rapport with students by greeting them as they arrive to school and talking to them during breaks and at lunchtime. The level of trust that is developed makes students more likely to share problems they're experiencing or concerns they may have about their peers.

SROs work with educators to intervene early and prevent student disagreements from escalating. They also respond to anonymous tips to prevent safety concerns from intensifying or becoming actualized.

With SROs trained in crisis intervention and de-escalation strategies, they are an invaluable resource for schools when students experience a mental health crisis.

Strong partnerships between schools and community police officers build a positive climate within schools and maximize the potential for students to feel safe and be ready to learn.

Please support the Tigard police levy to expand the availability of school resource officers in Tigard schools.

Chris Middaugh, Tigard

Dudzic isn't fit for office in Columbia County

The residents of Columbia County have three choices for Columbia County Commissioner, Position 1. In no particular order: Magruder, Mayo and Stockwell. The fourth candidate has disqualified herself.

Ms. Dudzic boasts of her degree in conflict resolution, yet has proudly posted a photo of herself posing in front of a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement building gleefully saluting the ICE sign with her middle finger. She labels it #f-wordICE. Is this Ms. Dudzic's idea of conflict resolution?

When the residents of Columbia County disagree with her regarding immigration, the Green New Deal, fossil fuels, industry in our county, Medicare for All, or climate change how will she resolve the conflict? Will she declare us emotionally unstable and flip us off? There is no place on the Columbia County commission for the likes of this candidate. Please do your research and choose one of the others.

And regarding Columbia County commissioner, Position 3, there is no question about it: Casey Garrett!

Ruth R. Nelson, Scappoose

Saultz is best candidate for House District 33

Oregon's foster care crisis needs attention. With over 4,000 children in foster care hoping for a "forever family," stories of terrible living conditions and neglect have become far too common and are unacceptable. Children are being shipped out of state because our overburdened and underfunded system is not equipped to provide for all the children who need help.

House District 33 candidate Andy Saultz is committed to finding the necessary funds to improve our system, lower the caseloads for our overburdened caseworkers, and help the young Oregonians who need it the most. As an educator, Saultz also will work to improve the dismal 2% college graduation rate for foster children.

When the voters of HD 33 fill out their ballots, I urge them to think about the children in our foster system who so desperately need help. Saultz will be a strong leader and deliver for these children. He is someone the voters can trust.

Dan Saltzman, Southwest Portland

Lawyers support Clarke as new Columbia County judge

We are practicing attorneys in Columbia County with well over 100 combined years of practice in front of Columbia County judges.

We believe Michael T. Clarke is the right choice for change on our Columbia County bench. He is professional. He follows the law. He works hard. These are the traits that make good judges. Mr. Clarke is also fair, honest and thoughtful.

Please join us in bringing Michael T. Clarke to the bench by voting Clarke for Columbia County Circuit Court judge, Position 3.

Agnes M. Petersen, St. Helens

David B. Herr, Scappoose

Mary Anne Anderson, St. Helens

Stephen D. Petersen, Rainier

Garrett walks the walk for Columbia County

I first met Casey Garrett a few years back when I found out someone was repairing the docks on Coon Island. When I found out that Casey planned and executed this project with the help of local contractors, local boaters and donated material, on his own donated time, I was instantly impressed. Since Columbia County did not have any money in the budget for these repairs, Casey took action.

After that project was done, Casey decided to take on the Gilbert River docks. This project was quite a bit bigger than the Coon Island project, but again, he found there was no money in the county budget for any of it. It took several months to raise the money needed for this project, but Casey was right there the whole time and when it was time to execute, he was the first one on the job to get started.

I can honestly say Casey Garrett cares about this county and will not let anything stop him from doing the right thing for the residents who call this home.

Lori Senz

2019 Commodore, Multnomah Channel Yacht Club

City workers back Doyle for Beaverton mayor

As an officer of SEIU Local 198 representing city of Beaverton employees, my union and I are proud to support Mayor Denny Doyle for reelection.

With over a decade of partnership with SEIU, Denny is the mayor working people can count on. As a former union member, Denny listens and acts to support the 600-plus employees of the city, and to pass policies that benefit all of Beaverton's working people. He sees when people in the community are struggling and works to make a difference.

Our union doesn't always support the incumbent. When Denny first ran for mayor and challenged an incumbent, we supported Denny, and we continue to support Denny because he understands working people and union concerns.

We also believe Denny has the necessary experience and the proven leadership to get our community and our local economy back on track after COVID. When the pandemic first came to Oregon, Denny acted fast to keep residents and city workers safe. We know we can count on him when we need him most.

Please vote to re-elect Denny Doyle this May.

Joe Daunt

President, SEIU Local 198

Beaverton's successes are cause to re-elect Doyle

This election season, I am excited to support Denny Doyle in his re-election campaign for Beaverton's mayor.

As a member of the Beaverton Arts Foundation, I've had the chance to work with Denny directly. I have found that during his time as mayor, Denny has brought Beaverton alive. He has worked diligently to make the city more welcoming for all members of our diverse community through civic engagement and cultural events.

Denny's commitment to the arts in Beaverton has also served the city well. The Patricia Reser Center for the Arts, developed under his leadership, will serve as an unparalleled venue for the visual and performing arts. In conjunction with his work to make Beaverton a more inclusive community, the center will enhance the cultural and economic vitality of Beaverton by providing access to the arts and educational programming for everyone.

In times like these, it's also important to know our leaders are working for us. Since COVID-19 first impacted Beaverton, Denny has been an example of steadfast and reliable crisis management. I am certain Denny will continue this remarkable leadership in his final term as mayor.

Please join me in voting for Denny Doyle by May 19.

Diana Sullivan, Beaverton

Libraries are important and deserve support

Our Washington County libraries are vital resources that continue to be accessible.

During this time of social distancing and staying home, my family has come to rely on our Washington County libraries more than ever.

Our library card gets us online access to an amazing world of learning, enrichment, and entertainment.

We can check out online events and services from our library, borrow ebooks & audiobooks, stream movies and shows, or access the Great Courses through Kanopy. Parents and children can also enjoy thousands of episodes of high-quality kids' content through Kanopy Kids.

Members can also learn a new language with Mango Languages or request journal articles and book chapters for research.

Measure 34-297, our countywide libraries levy, is a renewal at the same rate. It provides about 40% of the county's funding to each and every library in the system and will maintain all this amazing online access as well as all of the services we are used to once this crisis has passed.

We have the ability to keep this invaluable resource available to all in our community. Please join me in voting yes for Measure 34-297.

Julie Corpron, West Slope

Hass brings unmatched credentials to race

There is a major election coming to Oregon this May. Last day to turn in your ballot will be May 19. There are many important races for voters to decide in this election and the most important one is the statewide race for the secretary of state's office. Mark Hass is the candidate that I believe we all need to support in this race.

Mark has a great deal of experience in both the House and the Senate in Oregon. He led the fight to bring to Oregon full-day kindergarten. He took the lead in working with others to bring Oregon the "Oregon Promise" which offers successful high school graduates two years tuition paid community college. And he was the lead in working to pass the Student Success Act in 2019, which finally brings enough revenue to K-12 education to put us on par. His knowledge and experience makes him the best candidate to be secretary of state.

Join me in electing Mark Hass as Oregon's next secretary of state.

Nancy Lewis, King City

Kroll demonstrates qualities vital in a judge

Throughout his career here in Washington County, Edward Kroll has done an outstanding job handling his cases with integrity, professionalism and fairness. I have witnessed this personally on many occasions. His character on the Washington County bench would be a benefit to our county.

Edward has developed an amazing sense of professionalism while working in the legal system. He handles each case to the best of his ability, and protects his clients and their families while they are dealing with very personal, difficult times.

Edward Kroll has developed many meaningful connections with his colleagues, clients, community organizations, and others in the legal system.

What attracts people to Edward is his integrity. Edward shows consistency in his moral principles and he acts confidently upon them.

Edward Kroll is also fair. He seeks that a punishment if reflective of the crime, and that those lacking a voice are heard.

As the next judge, I am confident that Edward will continue to hold himself to the highest standards of professionalism and fairness. Our community and those within it deserve a judge who will serve with such qualities as Edward Kroll.

Please join me in the upcoming May election in voting for Edward Kroll for Washington County Circuit Court judge. He will surely do a great service to us all.

Jason Short, Tigard

Grant has integrity and ability as judge

I have known Judge Jenefer Stenzel Grant for 24 years, 12 years when she was an attorney appearing in my court and 12 as a colleague on the Columbia County Circuit Court bench. During all this time, Judge Grant has been extremely honest and forthright. I do not share concerns expressed to the contrary.

As I have previously indicated, I support her re-election as she has shown herself to be a fair, hardworking judge with the utmost integrity and concern for the citizens of Columbia County.

Ted Grove

Judge, Columbia County Circuit Court

Bonamici legislation on Alzheimer's would protect vulnerable people

As a caregiver for my late mother with Alzheimer's disease, I understand firsthand the impact this disease has on families across America.

As the number of people living with dementia rises, so too will their interactions with healthcare, social services and criminal justice services professionals.

Unfortunately, those professionals currently receive little or no training in the unique needs of individuals living with dementia. Dementia-specific training materials for these professionals will improve the quality of their interactions with individuals living with Alzheimer's and other dementias, and will also help protect them from elder abuse.

The Alzheimer's Impact Movement and the Alzheimer's Association strongly support the bipartisan Promoting Alzheimer's Awareness to Prevent Elder Abuse Act, which is led by Rep. Suzanne Bonamici. This legislation would require the U.S. Department of Justice to develop training materials to assist law enforcement officers, prosecutors, judges, medical personnel, victims services personnel, and others who encounter and support individuals living with Alzheimer's and related dementias.

By supporting the Promoting Alzheimer's Awareness to Prevent Elder Abuse Act, Rep. Bonamici is making it possible for us to protect people living with Alzheimer's and other dementias from elder abuse. Please join me in thanking the congresswoman for her leadership to protect all American's living with Alzheimer's and other dementias. Learn more at

Maurrie Salenger, Northwest Portland

Legislature shouldn't be confined to one place

One need not read beyond the front page from April 30, highlighting the care for nursing home residents with COVID, the availability of local virus testing, and the goodwill of the Jewett family in feeding staff at Providence St. Vincent, to be confident that defeating COVID requires community. These efforts complement those of our elected leaders, public health experts, and medical professionals.

However, in prolonged periods of physical distancing (COVID or the "Big One"), would our state Legislature, the official body of the people and paid for by the people, be able to function? A local state senator advised that this is under discussion and needs to be decided by a vote of the people.

Further, we know historically both Democrats (1971, 1995, 2001) and Republicans (2007, 2019, 2020) have physically distanced themselves from the Capitol, a less-than-stellar strategy to avoid quorum and voting.

I submit now is the time to bring a referendum before Oregon voters to amend the constitution, permitting our state Legislature to conduct its duties "virtually" in any declared emergency. Please contact your legislators to encourage them to take action.

David Nardone, Hillsboro

Bussell's geologist training, experience needed in Salem

My name is Anu Sawkar, and I live in Washington County within House District 33. I am an environmental attorney, and I am supporting Serin Bussell for our next state representative.

In addition to the new normal of coronavirus, Oregon is facing climate, education, and healthcare crises. We need to act now and make sure we are better prepared for what is to come. Serin is the best candidate to help Oregon navigate these challenges, and work for a more equitable future.

Serin believes we must invest in public transportation, renewable energy projects, and a Just Transition for workers. She believes we need to hold polluters accountable, and work alongside impacted communities to fight for environmental justice.

Serin is a geologist, former chief of staff to state Sen. Jeff Golden, and the board chair of Crag Law Center (an environmental nonprofit). She knows that we have to be ready for the next "Big One," she understands how our state government works, and she has been supporting the fight against fossil fuel infrastructure expansion in Oregon.

I am voting for Serin Bussell on May 19, and I encourage you to do the same.

Anu Sawkar, Bethany

Arnold is who Beaverton needs as mayor

I have known Cate for over 25 years. With her 15 years of Beaverton council experience, she is very professionally qualified to become our next mayor. She brings a broad set of skills in areas of finance (NASA budget analyst), project planning (Precision Castparts), marketing (at Micropower Electronics) and mediation that compliments her experience as a Beaverton councilor.

Any public leadership position requires skills to communicate and arbitrate between differing viewpoints. Cate's years of involvement with Toastmasters and her experience in mediation will benefit us in being the city's mayor to drive results:

• She has a proven heart for serving our community as a civil servant and driving what is best for our residents.

• She has a passion and the training for disaster preparedness; she continues to encourage work to be resilient in case of natural disasters such as a major Cascadia earthquake and now, for the pandemic we are facing.

• She recognizes that our strong mayor form of government should be replaced with a professional city manager. I grew up in Anaheim, California, where I felt the city manager form of government enabled Anaheim to have a consistent long-range plan for growth and safety as demonstrated by building the Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim Stadium and equipping the police department with helicopters — the first city in Orange County to do so.

Vote for Cate Arnold to lead Beaverton in this new decade toward a more prosperous, safer and better future.

Roger Rees, Beaverton

Dudzic's experience, perspective would be asset to Columbia County

The Columbia County Board of Commissioners currently has two positions up for re-election, and I am writing to recommend Brandee Dudzic for Columbia County commissioner, Position 1.

I met Brandee for the first time in 2018 when she hosted a Non-Violent Communication Workshop, and since then, watched her build and lead a 501(c)(3) nonprofit for veterans. She is a working mother and serves our community in the best interest of our children and future generations.

Brandee stands by the value that we are only as strong as a community as the most vulnerable among us. She holds a master's degree in conflict resolution and is an Army veteran and mother. Electing her is an opportunity to bring a new perspective to Columbia County.

I am confident Brandee Dudzic is the person best qualified for the Columbia County Board of Commissioners, Position 1, in this May election.

Kimberly O'Hanlon, St. Helens

Beaverton needs a mayor who listens, leads like Arnold

I write in support of Cate Arnold for the position of city of Beaverton mayor. She has served this community for over 27 years and, as a current City Council member, has experienced every aspect of concern from its citizenry. Her activities on a host of boards and community committees makes her a person well versed in what needs to be done and how to do it exceedingly well.

I experienced her support working with a committee to plan emergency preparedness for the big subduction zone earthquake, especially for our high-density housing dwellers. Half of Beaverton citizens live in condensed structures and definite action needs to be taken so most survive if this disaster ever occurs.

Cate has made our concerns and other emergency preparedness as one of her top priorities for upcoming action. Climate change is also high on her list.

She does her homework and listens, really listens, before voting for the best solutions. We need her as mayor to incorporate the necessary changes to enhance our safety and to meet the ongoing threat of the continuing pandemic.

Cate supports the new charter changes. These will bring our locale up to the standards of other similar-sized town governments. It brings professional management as we continue to develop, and the added term limits are a definite must.

Cate has my vote, and I encourage you to vote for a woman who exemplifies true character that can be trusted and who gives her all for us.

Judy Janowitz, Beaverton

Taxpayers shouldn't reward Tigard for poor money management

Vote no on Tigard's new tax levy, Measure 34-295.

We are in recession. Now is a terrible time to saddle homeowners with a new tax.

For a full decade, Tigard neglected their basic duty and did not hire a single officer, even as tax revenue boomed. Now they want a new tax to make up for their poor management of our precious tax dollars. They are trying to leverage taxpayers into a new tax by not doing their job.

Every time they raise taxes unreasonably, diversity suffers. Seniors and disadvantaged folks get taxed out and our diversity declines.

Tigard always complains that we have a lower tax rate than some cities. They should consider that we like it that way.

They also believe the myth that they cannot control costs. To them, it is inevitable that costs exceed their revenue. We all know that is not true — they just refuse to manage their costs.

Their path is unsustainable. They literally refuse to live within a budget like we all have to. Overtaxing your neighbors is not public service.

Tigard should hire officers using general fund dollars. If they hadn't wasted tax dollars these last full 10 years, we wouldn't be here at all. But, we don't need to hire all at once. Tigard's own literature states "over the last year, calls for person and property crimes have decreased." They have time to hire officers from the nicely growing general fund.

Another trick they pull is to say "this new tax will only add $XXX to your property tax bill." The problem is, all the government bureaucrats say the same thing. So each new tax results in adding thousands in total to homeowners. Each new tax may only be a small cut, but death by a thousand cuts is still a death.

Don't impose another new tax on homeowners. With a proven inability to manage our tax dollars, why would we give them more?

Keep Tigard affordable! Join responsible Tigard citizens in voting no on 34-295.

Paul Hoffman, Tigard

Margaret Magruder deserves another term as commissioner

The Magruder family has served this county for many years in various public offices.

Margaret was raised in Clatskanie on a farm outside of town and lives there to this day. She knows the needs of Columbia County and is one who knows how to work hard to accomplish what needs to happen in Columbia County. She is kind and caring and has great knowledge and has a work ethic that is next to none other.

When you re-elect her to the office of county commissioner, you do the best for this community. I support her without any reservation. She is a problem-solver who will work hard for you in the future as she has in the past.

Great job, Margaret!

Agnes Peterson, Deer Island

Stephenson ready to represent Washington County in House

Now more than ever, we need partners at the state level who will give the people of Washington County the voice they deserve in the Capitol. That's why I'm elated to endorse Christina Stephenson for House District 33.

As the only small business owner seeking election in District 33, Christina brings real-world perspective to many of the issues important to rebuilding our economy in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Christina firmly believes businesses that don't play by the rules shouldn't have a competitive advantage in this state, which is why she works not only to level the playing field for responsible businesses, but to also fight for tax code fairness.

In her position as a civil rights lawyer, Christina has made advocating for others her life's work. Christina shares my longtime goal of improving access to government for all citizens of Washington County, particularly people of color. She'll fight for fairness and demand inclusion.

As both a caretaker to a dying parent and a mother forced to return to work much too soon after the birth of her son, she has fought to ensure that Oregonians have access to sufficient bereavement and family leave. Her work helped to get paid family medical leave passed last session, the most progressive bill of its kind in the country.

The current pandemic dramatically underscores the importance of paid family medical leave to provide economic stability, and I know Christina will work to expand vital programs for working Oregonians.

Experiencing unstable economic conditions while growing up in Washington County inspired her passion for representing her neighbors in need. By volunteering for organizations that promote environmental, immigration, housing, and reproductive justice issues, Christina has proven her dedication to making her community a better place time and again. We can depend on her to help move Washington County forward — for all of us.

Kathryn Harrington

Chair, Washington County Board of Commissioners

Arnold understands Beaverton priorities, can build bridges

Cate Arnold has been my neighbor for over 25 years. During this time, I've been impressed by her devotion to her family as well as her service to our community and to the Beaverton City Council, a position she has held since 2005.

As her children became young adults and Cate won her battle against an aggressive form of breast cancer, she devoted even more time and energy for the betterment of our Beaverton community. She remains a tireless advocate, holding a keen resolve to identify issues facing our rapidly growing population, including the responsibility for providing services that we don't see every day but are essential to our well-being, such as police, roads, sidewalks, and water and sewer pipes, expensive projects that require a tough balance between what we can afford versus what we hope to accomplish.

Other accomplishments she has shared with me over the years include building the first Habitat for Humanity home in Beaverton, the joy of being a mediator for a variety of organizations to help people find creative solutions to their conflicts and problems, and leading many, many organizations with her energy to inspire the members to share their strengths to create solutions rather than wasting time fighting against each other.

Cate Arnold has the educational and professional background, as well as the extensive governmental experience and leadership skills to be the best next mayor of Beaverton. Please join me in voting Cate Arnold for mayor.

Jan Bergman, Beaverton

Keep Magruder on county board for continuity, expertise

Our commissioners have many responsibilities. Among them is making decisions on how our tax dollars are spent and what services we can afford, and those we cannot.

They try to find solutions to problems that include homelessness, the housing shortage, law enforcement, mass transit and budgeting to name a few. On top of this usual load, the commissioners are now navigating the COVID-19 world where experience with government agencies — both state and federal — is a must in order for the citizens and businesses of Columbia County to qualify for every recovery dollar possible.

This is not the time to "learn on the job." Not one of the three candidates running against Margaret Magruder has the experience on the county, state or federal level that she does. Her work ethic is beyond anyone's expectation and her passion for our county is well known.

Ensure that we continue to have the strongest possible advocate for the citizens of Columbia County and join me in re-electing Margaret Magruder for county commissioner, Position 1.

Kathy Engel, Clatskanie

Magruder is stuck in the past, but Dudzic will move county ahead

I just watched Margaret Magruder's county commissioner campaign video, recorded when she ran for office four years ago. I guess she didn't bother to make a new one as she had nothing new to say.

My question to my fellow Columbia County citizens is this — won't you expect after serving as county commissioner for three and a half years, Margaret would have something new to say? Something about what she has learned, something about things she improved, something about visionary plans for the next four years. But she had nothing to say: no new learnings to offer, no plans for future years. She has the same video because her thinking is in the same place it was four years ago. Is this really someone you want guiding us for another four years? Four more years of status quo/learning nothing/doing nothing?

My vote is for Brandee Dudzic — someone who has studied our county and understands our issues; a critical thinker who will partner with our businesses to help them grow; someone who will work on a new transportation plan vs. settle for one done years ago; someone who will partner with parents and schools to help our younger citizens through their difficult times.

We need a forward thinker. Not someone who has learned nothing and settles for same ol' same ol'. Time to make a positive step forward by voting for Brandee Dudzic for county commissioner.

Jolene Jonas, Scappoose

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