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'If Jesus, being God, decided not to follow the authority of the Father, where would we be today?'

Dear readers,

I write these words because I am guilty of not speaking up sooner. The subject is authority and following authority.

During this pandemic, the president and governors have given little to much guidance as to how we are to protect and help each other maneuver through this time of the COVID virus. What concerned me as a pastor was how many pastors openly resisted and rejected the health guidelines of those in authority. These guidelines were not forever, but for a period of time to resist the spread of the COVID virus. Since we neglected to follow health guidelines, how well have we slowed down the pandemic?

Being as I claim to be Christian and believe the Bible, I question why so many pastors stayed silent and so many defied authority when we have guidelines about respecting and following authority. I bring up

. This is part of a letter written by apostle Paul to the early church in Rome. After read to the churches in Rome, it would be taken to the other Christian churches in Asia Minor and around the Mediterranean Sea. This letter was written to be read to everyday people and easy to understand.

So why did pastors not bring up this issue when they went up against the president and governors? So why did we other pastors not speak up about following authority?

Here is Jesus' response and example,

. The Jewish leaders held trial after 6 p.m., not legal. Second, both Pilate and Herod find Jesus not guilty. Jesus knows He is innocent for these reasons. But Jesus knows those in authority, Pilate and Herod, are in authority because His Father, God, planned them to be in authority at this time. Jesus' response is to obey His Father, God.

This should be our response as well to the authority over us. Because Jesus obeyed the authority even though He was innocent, He completed His Father's plan. That plan was to save us. If Jesus, being God, decided not to follow the authority of the Father, where would we be today?

God has a plan for all of us. When we disobey his laws, we put ourselves in jeopardy — as we have seen in the results of COVID-19 in our country. Many, many deaths, the consequence of disobedience.

I am sorry for not speaking up sooner. But I request all to follow the authorities in charge. I ask Christians to lead the way.

Our rights are not being taken away. They may be suspended for a period of time. There will be plenty of time after the pandemic to put our rights back in place if they are not reinstated. Please obey God and show your love for your neighbor.

Tom Hunt is a retired pastor who preached at Three Rivers Community Church near Culver. He now lives in the Cornelius area.

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