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Readers react to the tragedy in Uvalde, Texas, in this week's News-Times mailbag.

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Take action now to prevent tragedy in Oregon

As reported by NPR News: Firearms became the leading cause of death among American children and teenagers in 2020.

This statistic did not result from school shootings. Rather this is the result of guns in homes and guns in the wrong hands.

The gun industry has pursued two marketing messages: one, you are not safe without a gun, and two, you are not a man without a gun. For these messages, Remington was directed to pay the Sandy Hook families $73 million in a recent judgement.

These gun marketing ploys need to be contested. Gun ownership needs to be seen in the light of a responsibility more than a right. People defend their rights with indignation as they overlook their responsibility. It's a part of the sales pitch from the gun industry, and people and kids die as a result.

I urge support of placing Initiative Petition 17 on the November ballot. Go to and download, print, sign and return the individual signature sheet to get this done.

Eric Canon, Forest Grove

No. 1 in guns, No. 1 in mass shootings

In 2014, The Onion ran a story after a school shooting that read "'No Way To Prevent This,' Says Only Nation Where This Regularly Happens."

I am appalled when I hear about mass shootings. A shooting on May 14 in Buffalo, New York, killing 10; followed by a school shooting in Texas. In Texas, 21 people were killed, 19 of them children.

The kid that shot up the fourth-grade class in Uvalde, Texas was only 18 years old. He had a semi-automatic rifle.

It would appear that the Republicans on the Supreme Court would like to make semi-auto weapons like this available to everyone. They seem to think that the Second Amendment allows large magazines and automatic assault weapons. This amendment was written at a time when repeating weapons and loadable cartridges didn't even exist. It was written to protect slave owners from possible slave uprisings. Would you believe, the Second Amendment was written to help slavery?

I hope that this last shooting is a wakeup to the right wing to pass some reasonable gun laws. The sad thing is that the gun lobby has spent millions of dollars in buying politicians' votes. Buying their votes just so that they will not vote for safe and reasonable gun laws.

According to NPR there have been 213 mass shooting, so far this year. There is no reason for this sort of thing.

America has more guns than people. No other country in this world has this many shootings.

Bill Eagle, St. Helens

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