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This week's mailbag from the News-Times includes several web-exclusive letters.

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Sollman deserves election to Oregon Senate

We are thrilled to support Janeen Sollman in her reelection campaign for State Senator for District 15.

Janeen is a compassionate and committed leader. She leads with grace and by example, and she gives tirelessly in our community. It is an honor to know and support her.

Being from a long generation of educators, our household holds education and support for public schools near and dear to our hearts. Janeen listens to educators, and she knows firsthand the struggles that schools are facing; with her voice, she advocates for support and change at both the local and state level. She is visible and approachable in the community with her listening sessions, and she eagerly volunteers her time in our school district and within our schools and classrooms. Over many years, my students have been so fortunate to experience her inspirational visits and enjoy her special book-sharing sessions.

Janeen listens to and empowers our youth. As evident in her support to the Hillsboro Youth Advisory Council, she spearheaded their idea of a plastic bag ban and expanded the idea to a statewide ban. She has empowered students to realize that their voices do make a difference.

Janeen demonstrates what it means to be an informed citizen. She takes the time to learn, grow, and expand her knowledge by reaching out to others. She cares deeply about all of her constituents and always seeks positive, proactive solutions to community issues and community needs. I am continually impressed with her ability to problem solve and also how she aligns people with needed community resources.

I hope you will join us in supporting Janeen Sollman in this next election. We feel so grateful that she represents District 15 as our state senator.

Kim & Scott Harrington, Hillsboro

Veteran supports Measure 114 for sensible gun safety

I urge supporters of sensible gun safety reform to vote yes on Measure 114. This measure will reduce gun violence in Oregon without confiscating or banning guns.

Measure 114 does not claim to end all gun violence; it tries to reduce the level of gun violence we have today in Oregon. Measure 114 does this by requiring a permit and safety training, and a comprehensive background check that eliminates the three-day waiting period loophole.

Everyone should know that currently, if a background check takes more than three days to complete, the dealer must sell the gun to the buyer. This defies common sense.

Measure 114 will also impose a limit on gun magazine capacity (from 30 rounds to 10).

I am a Navy veteran who operated various weapons during the Vietnam War. I was trained to safely use the .45 caliber handgun, the M1 Garand rifle and the M16 rifle. Today, I enjoy shooting guns safely at target ranges using 9mm handguns and AR-15 rifles.

Measure 114 will make us safer by requiring common-sense safety regulations like training and comprehensive background checks. I urge all voters who want to support common-sense gun safety reforms to vote yes on Measure 114.

John Scherner, Tigard

Scout participates in responsible flag disposal

I would like to share with you and your readers an important event that happened Saturday, Oct. 1. Me and my Scout troop (BSA Troop 2060) partnered with the American Legion Post No. 2 of Forest Grove to retire old American flags in a respectable manner by burning them. This the second year I've be been able to help and attend this ceremony.

I am so impressed that so many people donate their flags instead of throwing them away; we did a couple hundred flags. I would like to encourage more people to participate. I feel like it is important that this happens and that people honor our country's flags.

I really enjoyed working with the veterans that organized the event. I look forward to it next year and hope you join us.


Noah McKibben

Scout, BSA Troop 2060

Sen. Sollman serves us all

If you want to understand the race for Senate District 15, you don't have to look any further than the campaign websites.

Carolina Malmedal gives you a handful of blurbs and a donate button. Sen. Janeen Sollman shows you her bio, a list of priorities along with her record, a list of endorsements so long it starts to look silly, and a promise: "Listen, learn, act."

To Sen. Sollman, constituent voice isn't part of the job. It's the whole ballgame. Her legislative record isn't anything to scoff at either, but the reason I support Sen. Sollman is I know she understands what it means to be a public servant.

Sen. Sollman represents a truer kind of bipartisanship — nonpartisanship. She is just as interested in what you have to say if you didn't vote for her as she is when it comes to her biggest supporters. As Janeen says, when she was elected, it was to represent everybody.

If you have a problem with political gridlock? We need more people like her.

When it comes time to vote this November, I'll be proud to cast my vote for Sen. Janeen Sollman. Above anything else, she understands what it means to listen.

Ceph Tronco, Hillsboro

Elected official supporting Sollman

As a member of the Portland Community College Board of Directors and longtime resident of Washington County, I am proud to support Janeen Sollman for Senate.

Since meeting Janeen while she was serving on the Hillsboro School District Board of Directors in 2010, I knew she was a champion for students and was dedicated to removing barriers to access for all students. She drove system changes to support historically marginalized students, advocated for trades and vocational pathways, and supported STEAM throughout the K-12 system.

As the current District 15 Oregon state senator, her motto is "Listen. Learn. Act." This is something she doesn't take lightly. She is present in all the communities her district serves, she has a proven track record of supporting working families, housing instability/houselessness, climate change, workforce and fair access to healthcare. She hosts many listening sessions throughout communities, meeting constituents where they are at to ensure she is listening to all voices. There is no one that can beat her passion and dedication to this critical role.

Sen. Janeen Sollman is who we need to continue her great work in the Senate — please join me in voting for Sen. Sollman on Nov. 8!

Kristi Wilson

Director, Portland Community College

Longtime Sollman supporter will vote for her again

My first interaction with Janeen Sollman was in 2009 when she first ran to be a board member of the Hillsboro School District. My grandchildren were just starting school and the school budgets had been slashed.

This was the first time I voted for her, and I will continue to vote for her, and she won!

Janeen has been our state representative and now is our state senator. Janeen has boundless energy; is honest; experienced; thoughtful, kind and caring.

Janeen is very involved in our community and diverse citizenry. She works for each and everyone of us; she is all-inclusive. Her district priorities will be to continue addressing our homeless crisis with empathy and accountable solutions; tackling rising costs for working families and families on fixed incomes; being a champion of reproductive rights and access to healthcare; continuing to help to create safer communities and reduce gun violence; helping small businesses grow and invest in our workforce; support our schools and career and technical education; to protect our environment; and expand community engagement and public input.

Janeen's record is solid, and she addresses these challenges and solutions and more at her website.

Sharon L. Williams, Hillsboro

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