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Oregon Senate District 15 continues to be a hot topic in the News-Times' weekly mailbag.

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Supporting Munster-Moore in House District 29

Gina Munster-Moore knows that we need to support law enforcement to be tough on crime and will work with state, county and local communities to introduce legislation that will give law enforcement the tools to be able to make our cities, counties and neighborhoods safe.

Gina knows our children need a quality education that does not involve indoctrination, an education where parents have the final say for what is good for their children and the "money" should follow the child. That includes public, private and home schools.

Gina will address the homeless problem head on. For too long, most of the current administration has tried to push this problem under the carpet. The loitering, panhandling, drugs and crime that are associated with these camps are hurting our communities, businesses and making our neighborhoods unsafe.

Gina will introduce legislation to get the homeless medical, psychological, drug treatment and better shelters and that would be just the start in combating this issue.

Help my wife and I to support Gina in this fight to save our great state.

Robert Edmonds, Blooming

Family of late Cornelius mayor, state rep is for Sollman

Sen. Janeen Sollman knows what it actually means to work together to make our community safer.

Ralph Brown was a former Cornelius mayor, Hillsboro educator, and leader in our community. He was also a beloved father, grandfather and husband in our family. When he went missing, our community came together to help. But many were frustrated there was no overpass signage or widespread public communication about his disappearance.

We reached out to Janeen, asking why there was no information about Ralph's disappearance being communicated on overpass signage reader boards, and Janeen immediately contacted the Oregon State Police. Though it required communication between the Oregon State Police, local law enforcement, and the Oregon Department of Transportation, Janeen helped coordinate efforts, and within hours of her call, information about Ralph was displayed clearly to Oregonians on reader boards across our highways.

The first hours after someone goes missing are critical, and Janeen thought the opportunity to have that information displayed shouldn't be determined by who you know and their ability to call the right people. There should be an established process available for law enforcement.

Janeen was a catalyst as the Oregon State Police and the Oregon Department of Transportation worked to fix the existing communications gap and develop a protocol for a Missing Endangered Person Alert (MEPA) for seniors, people with intellectual disabilities, and others who might be at greater risk if they go missing. They established a process and communicated it to all law enforcement agencies in Oregon, ensuring every community can respond quickly when needed. This includes a set criteria for when information about a missing endangered person on local overpass reader boards can be shared, a process to do so, and emergency text alerts.

After Janeen worked with law enforcement partners to ensure these protocols were set, a 12-year-old with intellectual disabilities went missing in Washington County. Law enforcement was able to use this new tool to get his information on the reader boards promptly, and shortly after, he was found safe.

This is only one example of the ways Janeen has worked with community members and law enforcement officials to make our communities safer.

Janeen's actions demonstrate what it really means to serve one's community. Janeen exemplifies this everyday — during good times and bad. We are lucky to have her as our senator, and we urge everyone to vote for Janeen by Nov. 8.

Carol Brown, Daryle Brown, Gretchen Brown & Laurie Brown Saunders, Cornelius

Sollman's 'caring' isn't helping

I hear compliments about how Janeen Sollman listens to educators and how she cares about our schoolchildren, she wants to empower them, she wants to remove barriers and all those great things.

However, we have had so many of these "empowering" politically minded legislators in Oregon, yet we continue moving backwards.

We don't need yet another educator-turned politician in Salem. Our graduation rate — when it's not falling — climbs only by lowering our standards. Cost of living is getting untenable, homelessness is worsening even near parks and schools and on and on.

Let's stop electing feel-good politicians and get someone in office who will a difference.

I read letters saying there is dishonesty in reporting Janeen's voting record, yet what I have seen has actual bill numbers with her actual votes. It is the ugly truth that our "feel-good politician" is hurting our community.

Carolina Malmedal is not a politician, she's a successful businesswoman and community leader who can help fix what's broken in Salem.

We need to look at policies that work — lower taxes, not higher, crack down on drugs, not support drug use, lock up criminals, not release them. Oregon is not on the right track. We need to bring balance to Salem and Carolina Malmedal can help do that!

Andrew Jewell, Hillsboro

Measure 114 will make us safer

These days when the news cycles are full of stories of shootings in our communities, it is comforting to know that there is an action we can all take to help end gun violence by voting yes on Measure 114.

Measure 114 will keep our families and communities safer and save lives. It requires a permit to purchase a firearm, which includes a completed background check, hands-on safety training, and limits high-capacity magazines to 10 rounds.

These common-sense measures have been shown to reduce gun homicides and suicides in other states.

The hands-on training and safety classes will ensure that gun owners know how to safely handle a firearm and understand Oregon's law requiring secure storage to keep guns out of the hands of children and people who should not have access to them.

Requiring a permit to purchase also creates a pause point for someone in a suicidal crisis and allows time for intervention. This is especially important in Oregon since over 80% of our gun deaths are suicides.

States with high-capacity magazine limits have fewer mass shootings and the mass shootings that occur are significantly less deadly.

We shouldn't have to live in fear of gun violence when grocery shopping or sending our kids to school.

As the volunteer chapter leader with Moms Demand Action, I join survivors of gun violence, hunters, veterans and responsible gun owners in supporting Measure 114. Please join me in voting yes on 114.

Hilary Uhlig, Hillsboro

Support Forest Grove School District measure for pre-K

The first learning experience our children have outside of their own homes is in their pre-kindergarten (pre-K) classroom. This first step in learning is crucial to our children.

Studies show that accessible and equitable pre-K experiences help improve the academic success of a student throughout their schooling. Having a pre-K classroom in each of our elementary schools increases the number of families we can serve and will not only help children, but it will also support the primary caregiver in the family.

Throughout the pandemic, many temporary closures of pre-K programs became permanent closures, adding to the already limited options for families with young children. As many families have their adults heading back to work out of the home, dependable and quality pre-K programs in our community are very important.

Voting yes on Measure 34-320 provides one designated pre-K classroom at each of our elementary schools. The consistency and the quality of our district's resources will be readily available to our little learners.

Voting yes on Measure 34-320 supports the entire family in addition to improving safety in all our schools.

Leticia Aguilar Chicas Manager, Adelante Mujeres

Bake shop owner supporting Beach Pace for reelection

I am writing in support of Councilor Beach Pace for returning to Hillsboro City Council.

I met Beach at a Washington County Chamber Hillsboro Hops game event. She was very interested to listen to my life journey that brought me to Hillsboro, engaged with my son how he feels about living here and his school experience. She continued to make my family and I feel welcomed and appreciated every time we were at the same social community functions and asked questions regarding my challenges as a small

business owner opening a brick-and-mortar store.

She has supported my small business numerous times, and I see her in the community supporting other small businesses and listening to their concerns so she can be more informed as our councilor.

I am proud to support Beach!

Jelana Canfield, Hillsboro

Vote for Janeen Sollman

I met Janeen Sollman years ago when I retired and became more active in environmental and climate change issues. She's been one of the most caring and engaged elected officials I have ever encountered, with constant efforts to make herself accessible for constituents and a listening ear for everyone in her community.

Sen. Sollman consistently shows up, she listens, she learns from many perspectives. And then she works to take action to create real solutions to the issues facing our community members.

Sollman was born and raised in Washington County, is a longtime community volunteer, and she has worked on key environmental issues in the region for years. She has been a Metro Master Recycler since 2012 and enjoys helping the community in their Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Renew efforts to take care of our planet. She has engaged vigorously with issues to stem waste regionally, and is critically up to speed on all of the key arenas and methodology for waste prevention and management, unlike her opponent, whose sum total of environmental advocacy work is filming herself strolling among flowers in a fuzzy fluffy commercial. Good grief!

Please vote for Janeen Sollman!

Debby Garman, Hillsboro

Malmedal will bring change we need

I'm writing to urge my fellow Hillsboro residents to vote for Carolina Malmedal for Senate District 15.

I am concerned by the rising rates of crime in Oregon, we see this in the news daily. This has been the result of legislators reducing criminal sentences and removing tools from our police officers to be the effective deterrent they were in the past against harmful behaviors that hurt all of us.

Effective law enforcement is one important tool, not only for protecting our community, but enforcing laws that allow our communities to thrive.

Our legislators decriminalized drugs, which has now created an exponential increase in our citizens struggling with mental health issues and addiction not getting needed treatment. We are watching our community struggle to absorb the impacts of terrible legislation.

Meanwhile, small businesses already reeling from rising crime are now being burdened with tax increases. Renters who can barely afford rent are seeing rent increases, our seniors are struggling to make ends meet with rising inflation and drug costs.

Oregon needs a legislator who understands the needs of small business and the concerns of ordinary, working Oregonians and the concerns of our seniors.

Oregon needs Carolina Malmedal.

Asher Abrams, Hillsboro

Washington County needs Malmedal in Senate

I believe Carolina will bring the changes to Salem that Washington County, and our state, so desperately need.

The issues Carolina so deeply cares about affects us all. From our ever-rising taxes to our failing school system, to our growing homelessness.

We need someone who listens, has the same core values as we do, loves our state and community and will fight for us in Salem. We need a change — that's why I am voting for Carolina this November.

Help be the change — on Nov. 8, vote for Carolina Malmedal.

Tracy Sepulveda, Hillsboro

Ex-lawmaker is all in for Malmedal

As a former Oregon state representative, I am proud to support Carolina Malmedal for Senate District 15.

I am a longtime resident of Washington County and am disappointed to see the deterioration of our community. Rising crime and homelessness has made our city less safe. Rising costs have harmed small business and put pressure on working families.

Much of this was preventable.

When incumbent Janeen Sollman voted to decriminalize hard drugs, she disconnected drug sentencing from drug treatment. She has repeatedly voted to disempower the police. She has voted to reduce sentencing for violent offenders.

These votes have created the perfect storm, and drug deaths and homelessness has accelerated. The impact of Oregon legislative policy has impacted safety on our streets and livability in our neighborhoods.

Janeen Sollman voted to increase taxes on business, healthcare and gas. The cost of her votes are reflected in higher prices for food, medicine, and rent.

Washington County is ready for new solutions to these issues.

Carolina Malmedal will support law enforcement. She will support more drug treatment beds with wraparound services for the homeless. She will support policy which reduces taxes and costs for businesses and working families.

Please join me and vote for Carolina Malmedal on Nov. 8.

Shawn Lindsay, Hillsboro

A simple reason to vote for Sollman

I have known Sen. Janeen Sollman for 10 years and I can testify that she doesn't say one thing to get elected then do something else afterward.

That's why I am voting for her.

Clyde Jones, Hillsboro

Attacks on Sollman miss the mark

Soon after moving to Oregon in 2014 to head a nonprofit organization, I met with Janeen Sollman. I was impressed that she listened and understood the needs of my organization.

Over the coming years, I continued to see examples of how Janeen listens to constituents through her frequent community listening sessions and how she acts in a manner that will best serve everyone.

I am confident Sen. Sollman well represents our district.

I was not familiar with Carolina Malmedal until election season began. Carolina showed her character immediately with the first of many negative ads. As with subsequent ads, the substance of accusations were untrue and in some cases demonstrated that Malmedal does not have a grasp of how our state Legislature works.

The negative ads and attacks on her opponent continued through mailings, TV ads, and even in the voters pamphlet. After the fear-mongering in the latest mailing, I was motivated to write in support of Janeen Sollman.

Carolina has accepted large sums of money to generate a negative campaign. The negativism adopted by Malmedal is an unfortunate hallmark of many Republican campaigns. I find this brand of politics repulsive and sickening. I prefer that candidates focus on their platform rather than generate false accusations about their opponent.

Thankfully, we have an outstanding option in Sen. Janeen Sollman.

Please vote for Janeen Sollman. Voting in Oregon is easy. Remember to get your ballots in on or before Nov. 8.

Julian Gray, Hillsboro

Sollman serves Senate District 15 well

It is an honor to know Janeen Sollman.

I met her soon after moving to Hillsboro eight years ago and was immediately impressed by her empathetic listening and communication abilities. I've continued to be impressed with her honest and straightforward promise to serve her constituents by listening, learning and then acting, all of which she does with utmost integrity.

I support Sen. Sollman because she is a champion for all people in her district (not just those who voted for her), and she is one of the most engaged elected officials I've ever seen. She shows up for the community in so many ways, not only through her 90+ community conversations, her support of local businesses, and as a passionate volunteer.

I felt compelled to write after receiving the latest of a persistent stream of hateful, offensive attack ads in the mail from Janeen's opponent running for SD 15.

Carolina Malmedal demonstrates none of the qualities that would earn her my vote. Far from it. She is well funded by the party that has become disgustingly experienced at gaslighting, and she continues to spread flagrant lies and grossly twisted misrepresentations regarding Sen. Sollman's record.

Malmedal has provided nothing constructive. Scare tactics and dramatic lies do not work for me, and I hope they don't work for the other voters in our district.

Be an informed voter. Please join me on or before Nov. 8 in reelecting Sen. Janeen Sollman for Oregon SD 15.

Barb Epstien, Hillsboro

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