COURTESY PHOTO  - Jake Elliot will read from his book Hounds of the Hunted in Hillsboro Saturday. Five other authors will also appear at Three Mugs Brewing.The public is invited to a special Books & Brews event in Hillsboro this Saturday, June 27,- featuring local authors. Six authors will read their work at Three Mugs Brewing, 2020 N.W. Aloclek Drive, Hillsboro.

Shawna Reppert, Jake Elliot, April Bullard, April Aasheim, Gregg Townsley and Jesse Lee Vint III will bring their varied styles to the brew house, delighting and informing audience members for free.

At 6 p.m., Shawna Reppert will read from her work “Raven’s Wing.” Reppert is an award-winning fantasy and steam-punk author. Up next at 6:30 p.m., James Eickholt will read from “Hounds of the Hunted.” Eickholt has eight short stories and two novels published.

April Bullard will read at 7 p.m. from her new book, “Goody Hepzibah’s Harvest Tales.” Bullard is a writer, musician, photographer, and mother of three and grandmother of four. Her work is varied, ranging from children’s books to horror stories.

April Aasheim will read from her Amazon bestseller “Witches of Dark Root” at 7:30 p.m. Aasheim’s work stem largely from her longstanding curiosity about music, spirituality and world religions.

Hollywood actor and playwright Jesse Lee Vint III will read at 8 p.m. He’s had a hand in more than 100 films and is an active member of the Portland film scene. Rounding out the evening at 8:30 p.m. will be the evening’s host and MC, Gregg Townsley. He’ll read from his newest book, “Home Means Nevada.” Townsley is the author of five westerns and a Kindle short.

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