New opportunity funded by Hillsboro Arts & Culture Endowment engages citiziens in art-making.

HILLSBORO TRIBUNE FILE PHOTO - Artist Patrick Dougherty (at right, black jacket) engaged the community in building a series of stickwork sculptures last year in Orenco Woods Nature Park. Similarly, the new Artist-in-Our-Community program will engage citizens to partake in art-making.There's a new opportunity in town for artists.

The Hillsboro Arts and Culture Endowment will fund the Artist-in-Our-Community project, a program designed for the community to engage with an artist, and vice versa.

"It's very much like a residency [in that] it's much more about the artist looking out that looking in," said Michele McCall-Wallace, the city's cultural arts program manager.

Applications are open now through March 12 for the project, which will be funded by the Hillsboro Arts & Culture Endowment. Total project funding is $5,000 for a four-month program duration, from July through October.

McCall-Wallace said she's looking forward to seeing the breadth of applicants and what their proposals are.

"We're very excited about what the possibilities can be," she said, adding that the program is wide open in terms of creative practices.

The Artist-in-Our-Community project may involve visual and performing arts, literary arts, cultural arts, architecture, film, culinary arts, gaming, photography/photojournalism, creative technology, craft and folk traditions, woodworking, design, music or fabric arts, involving one or a team of artists.

Different than the project and core grants given each year by the endowment to individual artists and organizations, McCall-Wallace said this new program will be about "inviting conversation between the artist and the community."

Depending on what type of art the artist does, she said, the project will potentially engage with students in schools, seniors in the community, or any number of other possibilities.

Over a period of three months — July, August and September — the artist will engage in activities with the community in different venues, with a culminating event in October during Hillsboro Arts Month.

Read more about the project and find additional application information at

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