The Falcons' three sport athlete does some of her best work before the game; singing the national anthem.

COURTESY PHOTO: KOIN NEWS - Liberty's Ramsey McNabb is a musician and singer when she's not competing in the athletic arena for the Falcons.Ramsey McNabb is a staple for Liberty High School in more ways than one.

The senior is a three-sport athlete. She's also a musician who plays with her family's band and just released her first single. Lately, she has taken to singing "The Star-Spangled Banner" before Liberty games, too.

Basketball coach Melanie Wagoner said McNabb is one of a kind.

"If you're not ready after Ramsey sings the national anthem, you're never going to be ready to play," Wagoner said.

It's a "really cool feeling, getting up there and actually be a part of the team," said McNabb. "And it just makes me feel like I can contribute so much more now that I sing."

With the Falcons being eliminated from this year's state playoffs with a first-round loss to North Medford March 2, Liberty's season may be over, but things are just getting started for McNabb.

She'll take her talents — which include singing and scuba diving — to Oregon State University next year.

"My parents just wanted me to be the best I could be and really just branch out and find out what I like," she said. "I decided that I liked it all."

McNabb was 11 when she took the mic with her family's band for the first time.

"My dad's the drummer-slash-guitarist, my grandpa's a guitarist and I'm the lead singer," McNabb said. "We started out as just three, and we grew. My cousin on my granpda's side joined, and we just made it a band and started gigging and just have grown from there."

She just released her first single, and she has decided which of her talents she's going to focus on: singing.

"It's something that's really constant in my life. Soccer and basketball and track have always ... been there to keep me in shape and competitive and making friends. I haven't really been the best at them," McNabb said. "I excel in singing more so than sports, so I decided. It's just — my voice is always something that I'm going to have with me, so I just thought I'd continue it."

But for Liberty's athletic programs, McNabb's coach said the senior is irreplaceable.

"Ramsey's one of those players who comes through a program, and you can't replace the person ... the whole thing she brings," Wagoner said. "You know, there's different pieces and aspects, but as a whole package, Ramsey's got it all."

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