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HASSON COMPANY REALTORS - Mike HallEnough solar energy hits Earth in one hour to power all of humanity for a year. That's an impressive factoid, and it's just a matter of time until the technology and economics of solar bring it to every home.

Further interest in home solar spiked in early May, when Tesla began taking orders for its revolutionary solar roof tiles.

In general, there are two ways to "go solar" with your home:

1. Purchase your own system, and after paying the cost, enjoy free energy

2. Enter a lease arrangement with a company that will install and own the system, and you will get a discount on your energy usage.

Since solar isn't likely to fill all your needs, the power company installs a "net meter" that runs both forward and in reverse. You get credit for your solar collection, offsetting the cost of the power you buy.

Having solar can be a great value when you own and when you sell. Find out whether solar will work for you with an evaluation of roof size, orientation and whether it's shaded. Believe it or not, it's sunny enough in Oregon for solar to work in most homes.

Selling or buying a home with solar already installed takes just a little extra knowledge.

If you're pondering that kind of move, call me and I'll help with the details. There are lots of resources from which to learn more, but your best resource is an agent who's familiar with solar power.

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