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Diamonds have long been considered symbols of eternal love due to their beauty and durability. Like true love, they only grow stronger and more brilliant after enduring the trials of pressure, heat and time. Now you can express that love to your partner with an Elysium black wedding ring composed entirely of diamond.

Using $30 million worth of research and technology, Elysium developed a technique of fusing 20-25 million lab-created diamond crystals together. The crystals are then heated to 2700 degrees Fahrenheit and subjected to pressure exceeding 1 million pounds per square inch, which forces the diamond particles to grow together. Because the crystals are not aligned in a symmetrical formation, light does not escape—thus producing a distinctive black color.

Like all diamonds, Elysium rings are some of the most durable rings on Earth. The appearance will never change; it resists scratching and the sheen will never fade. Each ring consists of up to 18 carats of solid diamonds. The rings are lightweight, comfortable and hypoallergenic.

You can customize your Elysium ring with different domed, rounded or beveled edging; with gold inlays or diamond insets; or with laser engravings. Elysium rings come in a variety of styles.

If you think an Elysium ring would perfectly symbolize your love, contact the studio at 503-496-1285 today!

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