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Dr. Jeffrey SessionsI recently completed an advanced Invisalign continuing education course on teen and pre-teen Invisalign treatment. For quite some time prospective Invisalign patients were told by dentists, orthodontists and social media that Invisalign treatment was only for patients with all of their adult teeth. Treatment protocols have improved and we can now treat a variety of cases that would be started during the mixed dentition stage - the time where kids have a mixture of adult teeth and baby teeth.

There are several types of cases that early Invisalign would work well for. Cases with crowding or space loss where we have to develop space to give the future teeth their best opportunity to erupt well, some cross-bites where arch expansion and arch development is needed, front cross-bites with upper and lower front teeth conflict or cross over with each other, and several other types of bite problems.

When Invisalign is started early and after certain goals are achieved, there are pauses in treatment where young patients wear clear retainers or clear Invisalign holding trays while waiting for adult teeth to erupt. Once there is additional eruption, a patient has another 4-5 minute digital laser scan and more Invisalign trays are fabricated and treatment restarts. Most of the cases are finished over a 3-4 year period.

Feel free to call and set up a free consultation to see whether early Invisalign or early conventional treatment might be best for your son or daughter.

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