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Now that the busy-ness of the holidays is settling down it is time to take stock of personal and family jewelry that needs restyling, repair and maintenance.

Mary Wong, Trios Studio - LAKE OSWEGO JEWELRY INSIDERAt Trios Studio we often see rings where the prongs are so worn that the center stone (often the engagement diamond) is ready to fall out. Usually, this is something we can fix.

And restyling of family jewelry is always a rewarding undertaking. We often hear the question - What am I supposed to do with all this STUFF?" We respond with, "Let's sit down, see what you have and decide what is important to you."

Our clients are often surprised to find out that they have something valuable. Sometimes an item, long thought to be precious, is actually not. Either way, it is a process of exploration and evolution. We can use the gemstones and create a new piece full of connections and memories. Sometimes we can use the piece itself in a new design, or it can inspire a different one. It is usually a very satisfying experience for everyone involved.

A wedding set is an example of a family restyle piece that we are typically asked to redesign. We'll use all the diamonds, gems and band from the original setting and forge it into a new piece based on your desires. In the end, our goal is to create a finished piece that is enchanting, unique, and extremely wearable.

Please visit Trios Studio in Lake Oswego to learn how we can help you with all your jewelry needs.

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