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With orthodontics, timing is very important when it comes to achieving an average outcome versus an excellent outcome. Starting with our younger patients, the ADA recommends an evaluation at about 7 years of age. Lake Oswego's Dr. Jeffrey Sessions, Sessions OrthodonticsEarly evaluation by Dr. Sessions helps find any atypical things that may be developing, which if treated early, can make a significant difference in the future outcome of the bite, smile and overall dental health.

One example is a recent case where a 9-year-old did not have upper front teeth. This can be seen as normal slow eruption, but the concern was that the lower front teeth erupted a year or two earlier on time. When teeth erupt out of sequence it can be a sign of a variation from normal. In this particular case, the upper teeth were erupting in the wrong direction. Earlier diagnosis or 3D imaging would have made this case much easier to perform.

Another problem that can occur is that a 12 to 14-year-old could come in with all of their adult teeth but with one remaining baby tooth, usually a cuspid or "eyetooth." These teeth can often be a problem and are frequently ectopic (not on the usual path of eruption) but if caught in a timely manner, are much more easily corrected.

Timing is very important with our younger patients. If you suspect that something is unusual call Dr. Sessions for a complimentary consultation to ensure early diagnosis for optimal dental health.

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