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Victoria Bramley, The Insurance Store - HEALTH CARE INSURANCE INSIDERAs consultants in the health and Medicare insurance field, health planning is all we do. We meet many people who have concerns over health issues that may be in their family history. Only when faced with the issue do they then seek help for cost of deductibles, co-insurance and co-pays, as well as expenses related to cancer, heart disease, other critical illnesses or just aging in general concerns that may or may not be genetic.

Planning ahead is important. More often than not, a person gets diagnosed with a serious illness or long term care concern, and then it is too late to plan. How would you pay for trips to specialty clinics, medical cost not covered by insurance, in home care, or general household costs, including house and car payments, when you lose your income? How long would your savings last? We all need to look at our grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, and siblings to see what we may be predisposed to and plan ahead. Then you can take that worry off your bucket list.

ABOUT US - Victoria Bramley, with The Insurance Store Inc/NW, is a respected Health Insurance and Medicare planning professional with access to local and national insurance companies. From birth to end of life, she and her team are here to help you with your healthcare planning.

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