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Lake Oswego Realtor Mike Hall, Hasson Company Realtors - LAKE OSWEGO REAL ESTATE INSIDERThere are more 27-year-olds in America than any other age. Most of them are working and have under $20,000 in student debt. That's a lot of first time home buyers influencing the market, at every price point.

Timing is everything. For the next several years, housing supply will be tight and home prices should stay firm. Mortgage rates will rise from record lows, likely into the 5-6% range within a year or two. Meanwhile, Oregon is no longer "flyover territory" between San Francisco and Seattle. Whether for food, apparel, startups, the outdoors, or just being cool… Portland, Oregon is now firmly planted in minds worldwide, and we're likely to stay at or near the top of states for inbound migration. Financially, today is likely a better time to buy a home here than tomorrow.

If you're selling and planning to rent or move out of the area, it may be OK to wait, but that's no guarantee as rising rates mean slower appreciation. If you will be buying a replacement property in the area, upsizing, downsizing, whatever…it's time to think about it now. If you're not already in the house you'll want or need 10 years from now, you should be in the conversation today. Understanding your home's value, and what else is available, is easy with the right guide. The coffee is great when I make a special cup for you, and the consultation is free. Call today! I'll be glad to hear from you.

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