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Lake Grove's Dr. Charles Branen - Lake Grove Dental - LAKE OSWEGO DENTISTRY INSIDERDental x-rays are essential to any dental treatment. They are useful for detecting abnormalities, disease and damage to the tooth, its root and the bone. In orthodontia and oral surgery, they are needed to show how the teeth are aligned as well as their proximity to nerves in the face.

Without the use of x-rays a great deal would be missed. Waiting until something hurts to indicate a problem is present could be costlier and put the patient at greater risk (eg. root canals, tooth loss). How often and what types of x-rays are needed is very specific to each patient. A history of tooth decay, poor homecare or habits may mean x-rays are required more often. A patient who gets their teeth cleaned regularly, and is without dental problems, may be able to go a couple of years without them.

According to the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, the level of radiation from dental x-rays is extremely low. The use of digital x-rays, in most dental offices, has greatly reduced the exposure levels. Our 3D Cone Beam scan provides more information than ever before. With one exposure, the equivalent of what an average person receives in four days naturally from the sun, computer monitors and other background sources, we have the equivalent of a panoramic x-ray and a full 3D image of all the teeth!

Radiation exposure should be taken seriously and determined case by case, but it is comforting to know that these days, the risk is low.

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