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Mary Wong, Trios Studio - LAKE OSWEGO JEWELRY INSIDERThe holidays are coming up quickly, and if you're like most people, the pressure to dream up thoughtful and meaningful gifts for the people closest to you can be overwhelming.

This is a great time to have us at Trios Studio create a project that might have some personal significance, whether for an anniversary, family or mother's jewelry, or foundation pieces like diamond or birthstones.

A thoughtful, hand-crafted piece of jewelry is a lasting gift that can be filled with sentiment or emotion, and the person who receives it will notice and appreciate the thought and care that goes into such a personal gift. We can work with you to create something entirely unique and personal that someone will cherish.

Creating a custom design is a much easier process than you might think. An original design started from scratch can take up to six weeks, but when designs are simpler or require less decision-making, we can often complete them in four weeks or less. Depending on availability and the complexity of the design, special orders and customization can be completed in a matter of days or a few weeks.

There is still time to create something truly special for the holidays. Give us a call today to see how we can help you.

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