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Lake Grove's Dr. Charles Branen - Lake Grove Dental - LAKE OSWEGO DENTISTRY INSIDERAt Lake Grove Dental, we are all about making our patients comfortable. Preventing problems in the first place is our number one goal. Seeing our patients regularly, catching decay and periodontal problems early and giving our patients tools, information and techniques is the best prevention.

Providing patients with warmed blankets or neck pillows while they are here for treatment is a good place to start. The number one fear for most patients is getting an injection. The truth is, the needle is so fine and sharp that it can't be detected, and when the anesthetic is warmed and then released very slowly, most patients feel next to nothing. Some patients are fearful about feeling anything while having their teeth prepared for a restoration. We use a couple methods to determine if a patient is numb enough to begin treatment; one way is spraying the area with a specially designed cold spray, which is excellent for determining if numbness is adequate.

Patients with jaw discomfort, when they have their mouth opened for an extended time, can have a small rubber bite block gently placed at one side of the mouth during treatment and reduce this problem dramatically. Others may feel claustrophobic with the large amount of water used during procedures. A simple high suction device shaped like a leaf that sits in the cheek pocket is a great way to keep the mouth dry.

Dentistry shouldn't be uncomfortable or scary. Call Lake Grove Dental, we'll make your visits comfortable!

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