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Victoria Bramley, The Insurance Store - HEALTH CARE INSURANCE INSIDERMedicare Annual Enrollment will be coming to a close on December 7th. Health Annual Enrollment will end December 15th. With so much information and so many choices, Medicare rules and plan changes, people are often overwhelmed when making a decision on which health plan will be the right one for them.

A most important plan decision is based on your provider choice. If you like your new plan but your doctor doesn't take it, you will either have to drop the plan or change your doctor.

Good news! Medicare has an important, decision-making new rule starting in 2019; the consumer has from January 1st through March 31st to make a final one time change for the coming year. This new rule allows anyone who feels they made a wrong decision or is considering a different option to be able to do so.

Consumers play a major role in the rules and guidelines developed by Medicare. Your voice is heard! Stay connected to your community resources that can make decision making easier and less overwhelming.

ABOUT US - Victoria Bramley, with The Insurance Store Inc/NW, is a respected Health Insurance and Medicare planning professional with access to local and national insurance companies. From birth to end of life, she and her team are here to help you with your healthcare planning.

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