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Jonathan Wisniewski, Emergency Veterinary Clinic of Tualatin (EVCOT) - EMERGENCY VETERINARY CLINIC INSIDERYour dog just wolfed down his food, is panting heavily and you notice his stomach is oddly shaped or even swelling -- should you be worried? Without a question, the answer is yes!

Stomach swelling can be a life-threatening emergency for your dog. Known as bloat or gastric dilatation and volvulus (GDV), it can be fatal to your dog within hours. You should get your dog to your local veterinarian immediately because time is critical in this situation.

Bloat is extremely painful and occurs when your pet's stomach swells, rotates and traps gas inside and blocks the stomach's blood supply.

Signs that your pet is suffering from bloat include:

• Rapid stomach swelling and pain

• Retching or dry-heave vomiting

• Restless behavior, agitation or pacing

• With time you pet will get weaker, collapse and their breathing will become more labored and faster

Pets typically prone to bloat include large and giant breeds of dogs like Poodles, Doberman Pinchers, Irish Wolf Hounds or Great Danes but other breeds, including small dogs, can have the condition. Dogs weighing over 99 pounds have a 20 percent greater risk of developing bloat.

With immediate care, your pet can have a good prognosis. Our hope is that you are never in this situation, but should the worst occur, you can count on our caring and compassionate veterinary team at Emergency Veterinary Clinic of Tualatin to be ready to help your pet.

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