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Victoria Bramley, The Insurance Store - HEALTH CARE INSURANCE INSIDERMedicare has many Enrollment Periods, but the most well-known is the Annual Election Period (AEP). Beginning October 15, 2019 and running through December 7, 2019, this AEP allows those on Medicare to review their current Medicare plan and/or Prescription Drug Plan to ensure the current plan will still meet their health insurance needs for the coming year. Medicare has many different Election Periods throughout the year, and even experts in Medicare must review what Election Period should/can be used.

In many cases there may be two Election Periods an enrollee is entitled to. If an agent seeks to wait to get the correct answer on a specific Election Period to administer, it is an advantage to the enrollee. The goal is to get the correct Election Period the first time.

Annually, before AEP, agents must take strenuous Medicare-required certification courses from each carrier and programs they represent. And they must pass numerous tests to become certified. An agent cannot talk about a Medicare plan with which they are not certified. In addition, agents are held to Medicare's high standards and must follow strict guidelines or be subject to severe penalties.

In an environment where rules and plans can change annually, the goal is to encourage better healthcare and consumer protection.

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