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Victoria Bramley, The Insurance Store - HEALTH CARE INSURANCE INSIDERWhether you are new to Medicare, trying to discover the options you have, need to change your present Medicare plan, or are just overwhelmed and want to hide under a rock, here are some simple but critical things to remember.

New to Medicare and want to find out what direction to go and plan/s you should look at?

1. You must have both Parts A and B to qualify to apply for either a Medicare Advantage (Part C) or a Medicare Supplement plan.

2. Who are your medical providers? If you like a plan but your doctor, hospital and or clinic doesn't take it, then you must find another provider or find another plan.

Reviewing your Medicare during Annual Election Period (AEP)?

1. It is important that you check any plan benefits or other changes for the new year. If you like your plan, it is working for you, and the changes for the following rules still fit your needs, then you can just let your plan roll over into the next year. Every year the carriers provide you with an Annual Notice of Change. This typically arrives in the fall, so watch out for it and read it carefully.

2. If you think you need to change plans, contact your certified Medicare agent first. They can show comparable plans available for your particular zip code, determine if your doctor takes your new plan, and help you decide if change is really needed.

Health Insurance Review

1. If your health insurance is working for you, whether in the Exchange or not, remember to still check to see if there are any changes in requirements, or plan or provider changes that may affect you.

2. If you are coming off a group, just moved to different zip code, lost your coverage or had marital or partner changes, you want to check to see what is available to you in the private market.

3. Keep your password private. Although experienced health agents are extremely beneficial in helping their clients, it is important that only you have your password. You are responsible for your password. Create a private password book and store it in a secure place.

ABOUT US - Victoria Bramley, with The Insurance Store Inc/NW, is a respected Health Insurance and Medicare planning professional with access to local and national insurance companies. From birth to end of life, she and her team are here to help you with your healthcare planning.

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