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Mary Wong, Trios Studio - LAKE OSWEGO JEWELRY INSIDERWhether for ethical reasons or simply because they want something different, more and more couples are opting for alternatives to traditional engagement and wedding rings.

Rose cut and rustic diamonds, colored gems and beautiful inlays can give your ring a unique look. Keep in mind that some alternatives that are offered may not be good choices for engagement or wedding rings. Inlays of wood and opal, for example, may look beautiful, but they lack durability and won't hold up as well to everyday wear and tear.

Sapphires make a great alternative choice for engagement rings. They come in most colors and are a nine on the Mohs scale, which ranks minerals in hardness from one to 10 (diamonds are the hardest mineral at 10).

If you are set on a diamond, there are options you can feel good about. Canadian diamonds are the most ethical natural diamonds available. They are mined with strict adherence to ethical operations and environmental preservation, and each diamond can be traced back to its region of origin.

While many people focus on the engagement ring, wedding bands for men and women don't have to be an afterthought. With custom design, we can create wedding sets that symbolize your special relationship and fit your unique style.

Give us a call at Trios Studio for a design consultation, and we can show you what's possible.

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