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Brought to you by Lake Oswego Principal Broker Mike Hall, The Hasson Company - LAKE OSWEGO REAL ESTATE INSIDER -

Lake Oswego Principal Broker Mike Hall, Hasson Company Realtors - LAKE OSWEGO REAL ESTATE INSIDER November 2021 - Puddles in the crawlspace. Mold in the attic. Dry rot under the toilet. Water is essential for life, but if you're a house, it's the enemy. Knowing where and when to look could save you a massive headache.

Captain Obvious here... Oregon is all wet. I tell folks regularly, that we're not going to have "dry". Rather managing water is key. The biggest issues are gutters and downspouts, underground rain drains, flashings, caulking, paint, and the roof if it's neglected.

Misplaced downspouts can direct large amounts of water near the foundation of the house, where pooling can cause the soil to expand and do a lot of damage to your foundation. Soil around the base of the house should slope slightly away from the foundation rather than toward it.

Normal ground water and poor ventilation in the crawlspace or attic can contribute to excess moisture which can lead to mold, dry rot, structural damage, poor air quality and pests.

If leaks or poor ventilation are caught early, the problems will be much easier and cheaper to fix.

A contractor's quick pass through the attic and crawlspace can uncover issues that can be costly or derail a home sale. Whether you are looking to buy or sell a home, or just want to make sure your home stays in good condition, I highly recommend having potential problem areas inspected.

I'm happy to help answer any questions - give me a call!

Mike Hall

The Hasson Company

15400 SW Boones Ferry Road

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