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Regular readers of the "Insiders" section will notice this is my first contribution. There are other real estate contributors, hopefully I can provide another perspective. While most write from the perspective of the agent, I'm going to try to write from the perspective of the company.

Here's the difference: The roll of the agent is to optimize their clients best outcome. The roll of the company is to support the agent in that endeavor but also to notice change in the market and in patterns of behavior and to help agents leverage that change for their clients benefit.

Usually when people think about how real estate has changed they think of technology, and technology has affected the way we do business. However, the more interesting changes are how behavior has changed. A huge change over the last 10 years is the degree to which preparation of the home for sale has become more important to buyers. Increasingly, it's about maximizing buyer excitement, that's what results in the best outcome for the seller.

What are some changes that have occurred in your industry over the last 10 years? Email me, let me know.

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