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While all investment carries risk, Real Estate investment in particular carries unique risks that may not always be apparent. Traditional investments typically have disclosures designed to help an investor understand the risk involved. Investing in real estate is often done privately and with little or no regulation. This is where Romano Capital sets themselves apart in the modern real estate investment world. Romano Capital is a real estate fund sponsor, but also a Registered Investment Advisory, subject to regulation and regular audits.


"It is vital for people wanting to make alternative investments to go with someone they can trust and who can provide full disclosures of risks," Vice President of Marketing at Romano Capital Nikole Williams explained. "In the investment industry, developers and registered investment advisors are generally mutually exclusive. Romano Capital and affiliates have set themselves apart by bridging this gap. We seek to bring transparency to our investors through a fiduciary responsibility, regulated offerings and industry professionals working for the benefit of the investors."


Romano Capital's mission is capital preservation for their clients where consistent returns and risk mitigation are the highest priorities. While developers are easy to come by, Romano Capital distinguishes itself with its focus on the investor.


"It's important for every investor, whether they are with Romano Capital or another company, that the advisors are working for you, the investor," Williams said. "We are selective of the profiles we choose to make every client relationship an excellent fit."

(Image is Clickable Link) Romano Capital, Inc.

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