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(Image is Clickable Link) Boulder Ridge - Romano Capital

Left: Boulder Ridge development at The Columbia Palisades overlooking the Columbia River

Clark County, Washington is a vibrant and thriving community that shares many benefits with the city of Portland. As a city that is both a part of the Metropolitan Area but also distinct with its own growth and development, Vancouver has much in common with other Portland suburbs such as Lake Oswego and Hillsboro.

Clark County's continued growth and prosperity is fueled in part by residents' investment in local business and real estate. Clark County has evolved tremendously in the last 20 years due in part to local investments in high value development projects in Vancouver and expansion into Camas and Ridgefield, WA.

According to Census data, Clark County is one of the fastest growing counties in Washington State and has some of the top recognized school districts. Between 2010 and 2020, Clark County's population grew 14.4% faster than any other county in the Portland metro area. Annual job growth has surpassed the national average since 2013 and has outperformed the Portland Metro area over this same decade. Clark County has enjoyed a net gain of residents over the past three years while Portland has experienced a net loss during this same period.

Because of this sustained and well-managed growth, developers and investors have found Clark County to be an attractive location for real estate development projects. For example, the City of Vancouver and the Columbia River Economic Development Council (CREDC) collaborated in 2019 to promote several Opportunity Zones in Vancouver, WA. The program has furthered investment in housing, small business, business expansion, entrepreneurial endeavors, infrastructure, and land development.

Many Clark County residents have also benefited from the county's growth through local real estate investment. Kess Romano, a long-time investor and land developer in Clark County, speaks about his company, Romano Capital, stating, "We are part of the Portland Metro community. We support the Clark County housing market through creating residential housing to help solve the housing shortage. Our investments in Clark County are meant to benefit the entire Portland Metro area. We provide investors opportunities to invest in the Portland Metro area, build wealth, and watch their investments benefit their own local community."

(Image is Clickable Link) Pioneer East

Right: Overview of Phase 1 of Pioneer East neighborhood in Ridgefield, WA

Romano Capital is uniquely positioned in Clark County as an alternative investments firm and a leading real estate developer. Some of Romano Capital's recent developments and investment projects include Westridge Lofts (a multifamily development in East Vancouver), Boulder Ridge (luxury townhomes overlooking the Columbia River), as well as entry level housing in Ridgefield, WA at The Crossing and Pioneer East. Altogether, Romano Capital has contributed over $8,000,000 in impact funds to schools, parks, and road/traffic maintenance.

Future development in Clark County is impossible to ignore. Kess Romano shares further insight into the immense development in the area stating, "Clark County's acclaimed public schools, tax benefits relative to Portland, and proximity to all the Portland Metro area has to offer, represents a unique opportunity to invest confidently in local real estate." In over a decade of development and growth of the region, Romano Capital specifically chose Clark County due to the benefits of Washington residency paired with ease of access to Portland amenities.

On the investments side, Romano Capital offers both single purpose, project-based offerings, and diversified, perpetual investment funds. Each fund is designed to provide opportunities for investors with varying needs and strategies including debt or equity-based positions in private money lending, development, construction, and property and asset management.

(Image is Clickable Link) Westridge Lofts

Pictured above is Westridge Lofts, a 100-unit multifamily development in East Vancouver, WA. While the project saw delays due to the pandemic, it has continued to prosper for the benefit of its tenants and investors.

Romano Capital believes in full transparency with investors and manages risk by investing alongside them in its own projects. Romano Capital succeeds when its investors succeed. Romano Capital sets itself apart from other developers with its emphasis on fund structure and putting investors first.

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