Local entrepreneur have announced Kickstarter funding campaigns. Take a look at these and consider backing them.

One good idea, a little luck and plenty of blood, sweat and tears are the key ingredients that can take a fledging business to a solid success.

These businesses recently reached out to The Review/Tidings about their Kickstarter campaigns. We're sharing the details, and you can determine if the ideas are worthy of your financial support. Here they are:

SUBMITTED PHOTOS  - Minio card systems allow people to create personalized keepsakes. Evaluate the Kickstarter campaign online.

  • Minio cards presented by sisters Lia Miternique (a Portland graphic designer, owner of Avive Design; also a photographer and published illustrator), Kira Donohoo (lives in Portland; her background is in marketing and strategy) and Lyssa Chacko (Lia's twin, a Denver physician who came up with the original idea. Lia and Kira are former Lake Oswego residents.

    Minio is described as "high-quality, beautifully crafted, completely customizable mini 3-inch card and box set" used to collect and preserve special moments. The format allows you to create a meaningful gift or personal keepsake that is as one-of-a-kind as the experiences within. The boxes can be used to share memories, give advice or send well wishes in a personal and meaningful way. Each unit includes a removable outer band, reversible for two-color options, three reversible divider cards and one theme card and one blank customization card, plus 99 cards with lines on one side and blank on the other and an insert that can hold a pen for tabletop use at group gatherings.

    The risks: From the Kickstarter page, the risks are outlined thus: "In this type of project, it is important to note that despite our best efforts, delays in production or in shipping may occur. In order to minimize these risks, the women have invested a great deal of time in identifying the best U.S. providers as partners, based on their standards of excellence, reliability and customer service. The pen supplier has decided not to continue; they are working to find a source with a similar product. All pictures on the website are prototypes and the final product may differ slightly from the images."

    The goal is to raise $20,000 by 9:25 a.m. May 25. Visit and search for Minio cards for complete details or visit

    The inspiration for Platforms for Change was Pamela Cospers overstuffed shoe closet. Different tops can be attached to the base of the shoes, giving the wearer a wide range of shoe choices, without crowding the closet.

  • Platforms for Change presented by Pamela Cosper of Lake Oswego. Cosper says she is "setting out to be part of the global fashion revolution by challenging the shoe industry to rethink how shoes are made. By offering ergonomic platforms and interchangeable shoe tops (that lay flat when they're not being worn), the Platforms for Change system requires fewer materials, less labor and less space, making them far eco-friendly than traditional shoes."

    The inspiration for Platforms for Change came from Cosper's struggle to find a way to indulge her love of shoes, without having an overstuffed closet or suitcase.

    "I love shoes but I always feel guilty about buying them," Cosper said. "Most shoes are made with cheap materials that don't last, and they take up so much room when you store them. It's also difficult to find a pair that are beautiful, high quality, ethically made, and comfortable."

    To solve the problem she began working in 2013 on a product that would later become the Platforms for Change shoemaking system. Using a patent-pending border of quick-release rivets around each shoe, wearers can easily detach and reattach different leather or vegan shoe tops to create a new style for any occasion.

    "The shoes are sexy and comfortable," Cosper writes in promotional material. "Best of all, the modular system allows me to travel with the equivalent of 20 pairs of shoes in a small, sleek portfolio. Platforms for Change results in more storage space and shoe options, with less waste and environmental impact."

    The Platforms for Change Kickstarter will launch June 8 at 9 a.m. and run for 34 days. To learn of risks, financial goal and other details visit on June 8. Visit

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