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Michell Evans, owner of Canine Perfection in Lake Oswego, is now a certified master cat groomer. Cats need special grooming.

STAFF PHOTOS: VERN UYETAKE  - Michell Evans, owner of Canine Perfection, recently was certified as a Master Cat Groomer.

Cats give the impression that they are clean; it is common to see them grooming and licking themselves. But Michell Evans, owner of Canine Perfection, and a recently certified Master Cat Groomer, says that couldn't be further from the truth.

"Cats are not clean, and it's a misconception that they can groom themselves," Evans says. "They can't clean themselves, cut their toenails or clean their ears." Evans says there are plenty of other grooming techniques cats cannot do themselves, such as de-shed their coats, treat themselves for fleas, ear mites, clean eyes and anal glands. "These are all things that cats need to have done to keep them healthy and happy," she said.

She says to imagine how your cat spends the day. It may hide under beds or behind sofas, lay in dust or be outdoors lying in dirt, then come in and sit on your pillow.

Evans was recently certified as a Master Cat Groomer by the National Cat Grooming Institute of America. The certification process was three days in length and involved grooming 21 cats borrowed from friends to serve as models for the training. The final day of the training involved practical and written tests.

"The cats really seemed to enjoy it," Evans said. "The styling is secondary, the main purpose of the grooming is for cleanliness." The styling included learning to give cats haircuts of differing lengths; shaving takes the fur down close to the body while the "teddy bear" cut leaves about an inch of fur.

Cats shed, too, and removing the hair before it falls onto your floors helps keep both the cat and house cleaner.

"You will be amazed at what a difference de-shedding makes," she says. Those with allergies to dander will appreciate the de-shedding process too.

Another grooming process that is popular with cat lovers is toenail cutting and the application of soft paw covers to prevent scratches on people and furniture.

Cats can be shy, compliant or aggressive regarding grooming. Many enjoy it, but Michell Evans still likes to schedule cat grooming appointments for quieter times in the salon.

The process is painless to the pets and the soft paw covers come in a variety of colors for a fun look, or clear or black for a more natural look.

Evans says cats can be shy, compliant or aggressive and that she aims to schedule grooming appointments when the shop is quiet to make them comfortable. Most cats enjoy the process, and in fact owners of the models for the certification process reported their cats acting like kittens after the special attention.

To learn more about cat grooming call Evans at 503-750-1606. Canine Perfection is located at 16066 Boones Ferry Road in Lake Oswego.

Evans also offers a full range of dog grooming services. Learn more online at

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