STAFF PHOTOS: VERN UYETAKE - Catherine LeJeal of Escape Your Chaos lives by two simple mottos: Love it, use it or lose it and Everything must have multiple purposes.

Is your house filled with chaos? Are cupboards cluttered and closets crammed so tight doors won’t close?

Catherine LeJeal can help. She is an expert at de-cluttering and organizing; her business, Escape Your Chaos, is dedicated to organizing and staging homes for sale, providing packing/unpacking service and helping clients settle into their new home after a move.

“Nothing is more important than living a joyful life,” LeJeal said. She believes that eliminating chaos and living a more orderly, organized life can improve life for an entire household.

Three years ago LeJeal had to move from her 5,000-square-foot home into a 700-square-foot apartment in one weekend. She was overwhelmed with decisions of which family treasures she could take with her.

“It’s an emotional tsunami when you find you have to do this — it isn’t easy,” she said. “We are nesting creatures, we love our stuff.”

LeJeal wished to display this carousel, a gift from a client. To  get the space she chose to store books away.

LeJeal helps people make decisions on what belongings to keep, what to sell and what to toss. It boils down to two simple mottos: “Love it, use it or lose it” and “Everything must have multiple purposes.”

As an example, a stack of suitcases brought back from Singapore are used as decorative pieces but also hold games. A desk doubles as a buffet table, baskets serve as filing drawers.

The apartment is full, but not cluttered, and LeJeal warns there is a fine balance between cluster and clutter.

“Remember you are creating your own joy,” she said. “Everything you see in your home should bring joy and have a purpose.”

In addition to the home decorating services, LeJeal provides life and transition coaching and website design and marketing services and emergency storage services.

LeJeal had storage made under her bed.

What does she like most about her work?

“Providing strong guidance for my clients in all areas of their needs,” she said. “Decorating, organizing, packing, unpacking, settle their new home. Seeing the smile and sometimes tears of joy as they escape their chaos.”

Learn more online at or call 503-805-5880.

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LeJeal believes that eliminating chaos and living a more orderly, organized life can improve life for an entire household.

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