by: SUBMITTED PHOTOS - Lake Oswego singer-actor Coolie Mac stars in the music video Indian Coconut Man, which premieres tomorrow.

Lake Oswegan Sean Mascarenhas, who is also known as the singer Coolie Mac, is starring in “Indian Coconut Man,” a music video about an Indian township in Durban, South Africa.

A free premiere screening will be held Friday at 8 p.m. at Cerulean Skies Winery, 1439 Marshall St. in Portland.

“Indian Coconut Man is a song written by Kinx,” said Mascarenhas. “It is about the awakening of an Indian man’s soul to his roots. The setting is in South Africa and highlights the cultural nuances of Indian diasporic culture while touching on the cruel realities of Indian indenture, township inferiority, community dispersal and the fragility of the human soul.”

Mascarenhas will present a short presentation on the Indian Coolie trade of 1826 to 1920 prior to the screening.

You can see a trailer of “Indian Coconut Man” at

A photo from the music video Indian Coconut Man.

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