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Fear No Music will present Japanarama May 6 at the Old Church Concert Hall in Portland. You won't want to miss it!

COURTESY PHOTO:RICH IWASKI - Fear No Music in conjunction with Portland Taiko will present Japanarama: The Ongoing Influence of Japanese Culture May 6.

In a special collaboration with Portland Taiko, Fear No Music looks beyond borders with curiosity and respect, highlighting Japan's outsized influence on Western culture. Fear No Music will present "Japanarama: The Ongoing Influence of Japanese Culture" at 7:30 p.m. May 6 at the Old Church Concert Hall in downtown Portland.

The concert accentuates quintessential Japanese concepts such as "ma" (the space between), "wabi sabi" (the beauty of imperfection). "shibui" (simplicity or minimalism) and "ikigai" (a reason for being), which serve to contextualize Japanese culture and showcase its unique beauty. Japanese design and aesthetics are so prevalent in modern American society that many people are unaware of their overseas origins.

The concert features:

n "Stream" for solo percussion, by Peruvian interdisciplinary composer, performer and improviser Pauchi Sasak

n "My Sleeve is Wet with Tears" for solo clarinet by Barbara White

n "Netsuke: Six Miniatures" for violin and piano by Stephen Hartke

n "Sonata from the Other Shore" for solo piano by Wange Jie, described as a "cross-cultural handshake between current and former rivals Japan and China, based on the Japanese folk song "Tanchame-Bushi"

n "Pacific Voices" for taiko and violin by Zachary Semke and Ann Ishimaru

n "Dango Jiro" for flute, violin, cello and taiko ensemble by Kenji Bunch

n "Winds of Change/Forest Festival" for taiko and viola by Kenny Endo

The concert is the second in a two-part collaboration which began with members of Fear No Music joining Portland Taiko in their October season opening concert.

Japanarama offers a second chance to experience Japan's visceral drumming tradition combined with world-class chamber music performance. As part of Fear No Music's Worldwide Welcome series, the concert celebrates an American identity that is inextricably linked to diversity and inclusivity.

Tickets are available online at

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