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Computer-based training has lasting success

by: VERN UYETAKE - Judith Belk of the Center for Communication and Learning Skills in Lake Oswego has been impressed with Play Attention, a high-tech advancement in the field of ADD/ADHD treatment.In their best attempts to keep students moving forward academically during the summer, many parents enroll their children in enrichment programs.

Judith Belk, with the Center for Communication and Learning Skills in Lake Oswego, said summer is the prime time to focus on building skills that help make school easier in the fall.

For the past 21 years she has provided a wide variety of programs for children, teens and adults with attention, auditory processing and related speech, listening and language issues.

“I have been particularly impressed with one program’s consistent and lasting success: Play Attention, a very high-tech advancement in the field of ADD/ADHD treatment, which aims to reduce attention-regulation issues,” Belk said.

Play Attention is a computer-based program that helps those with attention deficit issues learn to focus, organize their thoughts and complete tasks.

According to Hannah Burns, office manager for Play Attention, this computer-based training can be beneficial to anyone who wants to improve their attention and focus. Though its use is enhanced with professional supervision such as Belk provides, it is available for home use with assistance via telephone and online support and analysis.

“It’s a training tool available to anyone who wishes to improve their focus and concentration,” she said.

Attached to a computer via a biofeedback connection, users go through a number of exercises, or games, that allow them to re-educate their neurosis to perform well in an easy-to-use, non-threatening manner. Belk said focusing on what is happening on the fast-paced video screens brings results that are often immediate.

“They get to experience what it feels like to pay attention immediately,” she said. “It helps the children — and adults with attention issues — tune in and also learn to tune out distractions. It gives the immediate reward of realizing they have the personal power to make changes.”

Belk saw positive and immediate results with Play Attention for clients with a variety of attention issues, including ADD/ADHD, Asberger syndrome and autism, and even with students who just can’t get homework done in a timely fashion.

“It’s a system that helps people to operate better in the world,” she said. “When I start working with a client I ask what is going well, which is often a surprise to them — they are expecting I want to know what’s wrong. We all have things we regard as challenges. We talk about issues at school, social communications, bullying or not becoming a bully. My job is to figure out what approach is best to start with — there are lots of options and programs.”

Belk has clients who are musicians and artists who are enjoying heightened creativity as a result of working with the Play Attention program.

To learn more about Belk and her work visit or call 503-699-9022.

To learn how to use the home version of Play Attention effectively, Burns said users begin by reading the user’s guide. They then schedule a 90-minute phone tutorial with a support advisor. The advisor leads you through a mock session to ensure the user understands everything before beginning the training.

“After that point we will review your data, send you a report, talk to you about progress, help you set objectives, etc.,” said Burns. “We are here to assist you every step of the way.”

Play Attention offers a demonstrative video online at

“If you would like to view Play Attention firsthand I would recommend attending one of our free Play Attention Webinars,” said Burns. “Webinars allow you to see a live Play Attention presentation right from your desktop. You even get to interact with AD/HD expert Peter Freer.”

Webinars include information on the latest brain research on attention problems, AD/HD and its relationship to the learning process and developments in attention training and behavior shaping with audience questions and answers. Register online at or call 1-800-788-6786.

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