Who is your hero, and why is that person your hero?

Eric Seeley

“Probably Albert Einstein. He was really smart, and he liked physics like I do, and he probably would have been in TAG, which is Talented and Gifted, and I think he was a good inspiration for smart kids like me.”

— Eric Seeley, fourth-grader

Makai Woltering

“I want to be a surfer like Sam, my dad’s girlfriend.”

— Makai Woltering, kindergartener

Jack Smith

“I’d have to say Joseph Fink. He’s the creator of my favorite podcast, and he’s gone through a lot, and I think it’s great that he persevered through all of the problems and troubles that he had.”

— Jack Smith, fifth-grader

Tanner Moore

“My mom because I have pillow fights with her.”

— Tanner Moore, first-grader

Reilly Mullen

“My sister because when I play with her, even when I get mad at her, she always plays with me again.”

— Reilly Mullen, second-grader

Kellen Boyles

“My dad, probably because he helps me with my homework.”

— Kellen Boyles, third-grader

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