Summer awaits elementary school students

by: REVIEW PHOTO: JOSH KULLA - Forest Hills kindergartener Dario White races by and fourth-grader Grayson Wert stands next to his buddy, kindergartener Brice Hill, while the children play a game on Wednesday.Most students try not to stare directly at the clock on the last day of school.

After all, they appreciate their teachers and even learned a thing or two over the past nine months. But, when the appointed hour arrives and that final bell of the year starts clanging, K-12 feet take off to get summer started as soon as possible.

In the Lake Oswego School District, kindergarteners said ‘goodbye’ on Wednesday, but most grades will see their final day of the year today — except for seniors, of course, who flew free last week, tossing their mortarboards high.

Disregard the rain forecast to fall on heads today; summertime has begun!

I’m “excited that I don’t get school, and I don’t have to do homework,” Forest Hills kindergartener Megan Welton said.

Megan, 5, will miss her teacher, Alison Tinger, “because she’s very good at teaching.”by: REVIEW PHOTO: JOSH KULLA - Forest Hills third-grader Hayden Seawright gets a hug from her buddy, kindergartener Megan Welton, on the penultimate day of school for the older elementary kids and the final day before summer for kindergarteners.

The youngest elementary kids are paired with older students or buddies, and third-grader Hayden Seawright mentors Megan. On her penultimate day Wednesday, Hayden shared Megan’s enthusiasm for the dawn of the sunny, school-free season — but, for the 9-year-old, it’s bittersweet.

I’m “excited and disappointed — disappointed because we won’t see our teachers for three months, but excited that we’re going to see summer,” she said.

The school board’s freshly approved 2014-15 school-year calendar says students don’t need to step into a classroom again until Sept. 2.

For now, there’s plenty of time for travel.

Megan is kick-starting her off-season with a trip to London and she’ll later travel to Utah and Alaska. Hayden’s heading to a pool party to celebrate completing third grade; she plans to play tennis and visit Orcas Island in Washington.

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