Lakeridge Junior High School students say won a slew of awards for their hard work during the 2016-17 school year.

SUBMITTED PHOTO: COURTESY OF LJHS - Lakeridge Junior High School Principal Kurt Schultz beams in the back row, surrounded by Super Students who won one of the highest awards at LJHS.Lakeridge Junior High School took a moment to laud its students' accomplishments and achievements in an awards assembly on June 14.

"We are proud to recognize our stellar students for their accomplishments and achievements this year," LJHS Principal Kurt Schultz said.

Here are the winners:

Rotary Speech, Essay and Video Contest Winners

Lake Oswego Rotary Club sponsors an annual speech, essay and creative media competition based on guiding principles known as "The Four Way Test." The four questions that must be answered with a "yes" are: Is it the truth? Is it fair to all concerned? Will it build goodwill and better friendships? Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

These winners knew the right answers to those questions:

• Speech category: First-place winner Sarah Shallenberger and second-place winner Grace Rooney

• Creative media category: First-place winner Pauline Petersen

Science Awards

Eighth-graders design an experiment that they transform into a science fair project. Students earned either the exceptional rating of "Ag" (Silver) award or the "Au" (Gold) award for best in show.

Au: Steven Taniguchi, Anthony Wang

Ag: Benjamin Connolly, Luzahn Chandler, Anna Cunningham, Rachel Corkill, Melanie Du, William Herman, Kyle Humbert, Kobe Kruse, Emma Kuest, Sophie Lowy, Summer Mickey, Ava Osborne, Sorah Park, Ian Proctor, Grace Rooney, Calliope Saban, Camille Schubert, Anna Seeley, Sebastian Stenfert Kroese, Sarah Shallenberger, Nicole Taniguchi, Sarah Wittig, Cody Taylor, Alyssa Tiemann, John Yeakley

National Scholastic Art and Writing Award

Students are identified by panels of creative professionals as among the most talented young artists and writers in the nation. More than 330,000 works of art and writing were submitted this year, and 1 percent of the entries were recognized at the national level.

LJHS's winner of a Silver Medal was Mackenzie Smallen.

SchoolsNEXT Design Competition

This architectural challenge has students compete by building models that showcase well-planned, healthy, safe, sustainable and resilient schools that foster achievement and enhance community vitality. The LJHS team won the Pacific Northwest Regionals and may go on to the international competition in Atlanta this fall. The team included Alina Deshpande, Rowan Kirkpatrick and Hamza Said-al- Naief.

President's Award for Academic Achievement

The President's Award for Academic Achievement honors students who show outstanding educational achievement, growth, improvement, commitment or intellectual development in middle school. The LJHS winners each received two or more certificates of accomplishment or achievement from their teachers for academic excellence or growth.

This year's winners of the President's Award for Academic Achievement are Marin Brivic, Ethan Carter, Nate Connolly, Gavin Corry, Elaine Culbert, Rory Detweiler-Bedell, Karen Erazo-Resto, Emma Fisher, Grace Ford, Amy Frinell, Jaden Gonzales-Brignoni, Hazel Hamilton, Ben Haverkamp, Jayden Hill, Isaiah Hopkins, Allison Jaffe, Emily Johnson, Zayden Johnson, Connor Jones, Wiley Kavanaugh, Hibah Khan, Abby Lyell, Stefanie Marlow, Joey Moffenbeier, Lulu O'Toole, In-Jae Park, Erin Peterson, Tasso Reeves, Grace Rooney, Aria Sengupta, Sara Shallenberger, Marin Silverblatt, Ava Streeter, Cody Taylor, Chloe Trunnell, Alex Welborn, Andrew Wheat, Jenna Whipple, Cooper Wood

President's Award for Educational Excellence

The President's Award for Educational Excellence is presented to the top scholars in each grade level at each junior high school. The awards are determined by a student's GPA. Gold awards are for eighth-graders who have maintained a 4.0 GPA during their entire junior high career.

The winners are Brianna M. Anderson, Ethan C. Ashbrook, Emily D. Bachman, Benjamin H. Connolly, Benjamin Connor, Rachel N. Corkill, Anna M. Cunningham, Roselyn S. Dai, Melanie Y. Du, Jack M. Ensminger, Ryan M. Ensminger, Taylor F. Godfrey, Sophia Jeong, Emily M. Johnson, Gracie M. Kuhn, Holly M. Lane, Keely N. Lipp, Sophie E. Lowy, Abigail J. Lyell, Stefanie H. Marlow, Anna C. Michie, Summer A. Mickey, Savannah N. Moore, Hannah A. Negri, Addie N. Reardon, Calliope A. Saban, Esben T. Schroeder, Sara E. Shallenberger, Steven G. Taniguchi, Cody R. Taylor, Anthony D. Wang, Sara N. Wittig, John P. Yeakley

Academic Merit Program Scholars

Teachers offered students the chance to take on additional challenges throughout the school year.

These students consistently chose to take on those challenge and have earned the AMP caret on their Lakeridge Junior High transcript in all four core classes for the first two trimesters: Brianna M. Anderson, Emily D. Bachman, Malee Q. Bedolla, Brooke W. Birdsall, Emma K. Boden, Nathaniel E. Connolly, Sofia J. Corso, Roselyn S. Dai, Elina N. Deshpande, Rory J. Detweiler-Bedell, Tessa E. Divergilio, Marley O. Doyle, Melanie Y. Du, Wilson T. Godfrey, Andrew S. Huang, Honor E. Joslin, Madeline M. Kramer, Rocco Lepiane, Keely N. Lipp, Abigail J. Lyell, Alex L. Malmros, Arman H. Manternach, Abby M. Mendoza, Jacob M. Musgrove, Gabrielle R. Ngia, Pauline B. Petersen, Grace E. Rooney, Calliope A. Saban, Claire D. Sarnowski, Sara E. Shallenberger, Clarissa M. Snaadt, Ethan A. Strealy, Cody R. Taylor, Ying Thum, Megan Y. Tian, Anthony D. Wang, Owen M. Wolak, Luke B. Yannello, Ashley Yoon

Junior High Career Academic Merit Program Scholars

The following eighth-graders have consistently earned the AMP caret on their transcript in all four core classes during all of sixth grade, all of seventh grade and for the first two trimesters of their eighth-grade year: Roselyn Dai, Melanie Du, Keely Lipp, Abigail Lyell, Grace Rooney, Sara Shallenberger, Anthony Wang, Ashley Yoon

Lakeridge Junior High School Academic All Stars

Pacific West Bank offers this award to recognize the importance of academic excellence, leadership and achievement. Each of these student's profile and photo was published in The Review throughout the year:

• Eighth grade: Sadie Fashana, Aidan Bissett, Anthony Wang, Eliza Buchanan, Cody Taylor, Melanie Du, Avery Morris, Milla Beremski, Emma Sewell, Daniel Zaninovich

• Seventh grade: Colby Larrance, Sophia Ruger, Beau Spiekerman, Jenna Whipple, Kiersten Whieler, Andrew Huang, Ethan Strealy, Grace Lee, Keenan Bromley, LanHong Huang

• Sixth grade: Evelyn Miller, Luke Yanello, Mackenzie Walker, Jacob Rubenstein, Madeline Kramer, Taylor Schoenrock, Ben Haverkamp, Walker Godfrey, Brooke Birdsall, Brody Burke

Lakeridge Junior High School Super Students

All staff are involved in the selection process for Super Students, one of the highest awards at LJHS. Super Students embody the school's core values and demonstrate superior academic achievement. They exhibit appropriate behavior in class and a positive attitude, consistently perform above teacher expectations and are inspirational role models:

• Eighth grade: Nicole Taniguchi, Stephanie Marlow, Melanie Du, Kyle Humbert, Ben Connolly, Sam Connolly

• Seventh grade: Reese Ericson, Will Everton, Andrew Huang, Elina Deshpande, Pauline Peterson, Ryan Sze

• Sixth grade: Amelia Bohls, Luke Yannello, Walker Godfrey, Andrew Wheat, Esther Suh, Brynn Ensminger

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