Lake Oswego Junior High School students earn Presidential, Principal and Student of the Year awards

SUBMITTED PHOTO: CONNIE STURM - The eighth-graders who are Students of the Year are: Cameron Iizuka, Mohnish Judge, Zach Avar and Josi Hewes.Hard-working students at Lakeridge and Lake Oswego junior high schools are honored for their academic accomplishments with awards at the close of every school year.

These awards recognize students' achievements in academics, extracurricular involvement, community service, athletics and the arts.

Because of space constraints, The Review can only run one school's honors at a time, so at the flip of a coin, we started with Lakeridge Junior High School in the June 22 edition of The Review. In this week's edition, we are featuring the LOJ winners.

Suzanne Schmidt, is the eighth-grade counselor this year, because counselors follow a cohort of students.

She says she has loved her years with these students and families.

"They are a kind, thoughtful cohort," Schmidt says. "They work hard in so many ways … leading our architecture team to a national award, being awarded 'best in show' in their art, working for social justice through cultural awareness. They work hard academically, socially, creatively, athletically and personally. I am excited to watch them blossom as they move through high school and beyond. We have an amazingly dedicated group of students."

These are the names of LOJ Sailors who received awards earlier this month:

SUBMITTED PHOTO: CONNIE STURM - The seventh-graders who are Lake Oswego Junior High students of the year are: Quinn Green, Ji Reichle, Jack Layne and Zachery Grisham.

Student of the Year Award

This honor is bestowed upon students by their grade level team leaders. These winners were voted on by the entire faculty as the most exceptional students of the 2016-2017 school year:

Eighth grade

Cameron Iizuka

Mohnish Judge

Zach Avar

Josi Hewes

Seventh grade

Zachery Grisham

Quinn Green

Ji Reichle

Jack Layne

Sixth grade

Bella Johnson

Madeleine Herion

Calvin Macy

Sean McDowd?

SUBMITTED PHOTO: CONNIE STURM - The sixth grader who are Lake Oswego Junior High students of the year are: Bella Johnson, Madeleine Herion, Calvin Macy and Sean McDowd.

Principal Awards

This honor goes to students in grades 6-8 who are truly exceptional in areas such as: academic achievement, extracurricular involvement, community service, athletics and the arts.

The winners are: Jacqueline Booth, George Danzelaud, Grace Goverman, Anna Hovey, Tori Richardson, Thanaphon Singsukhum, Robert Woolf, Karlee Zurcher.

The Presidential Award

Students who receive a Presidential Award have earned a 4.0 GPA during all three years of junior high. The winners are: Luke Alati, Zachary Avar, Jacqueline Booth, Jamie Brennan, Kora Butvill, Cassandra Chan, Barbara Chen, Mia Cremona, Avery Csaszar, George Danzelaud, Ellie DeVine, Elaine Du, Emiliano Duran Urbina, Nathaniel Foster, Eleanor Frech, Colin Galbraith, Lilyan Garrett, Phoebe Garrett, Scott Gevurtz, Daryush GhaneaBassiri, Grace Goverman, Olivia Hanson, Anna Hovey, Hannah Hsieh, Euirim Hur, Cameron Iizuka, Michelle Jeandheur, Emma Jeanson, Clark Jones, Emily Joyce, McKenna Joyce, Mohnish Judge, Sophia Kang, Amanda Kerr, Jack Kilshaw, Logan Knipple, Isobel Kremer, William Landers, Amy Liu, Abigail Mankin, Catherine Marshall, Justin Metke, Cassidy Miller, Jared Nam, Joshua Negreanu, McAllister Nelson, Sarah Novitsky, Emma Prasad, Marco Ramirez, Ethan Reinhart, Tori Richardson, Isabel Rowland, Rachel Sasadeusz, Mason Schuster, Sydney Seymour, Megan Sims, Roman Sinkus, Allison Sweeney, Misaki Tanabe, Ellie Tanimura, Sierra Tinger, Dimitri Toronjo, Isha Tripuraneni, Connor Whittington, Calvin Williams, Kelsey Yutan, Ryan Zhang, Karlee Zurcher.

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