Team Tobor Tech moves to next round; Anthology to include poem by junior high student

SUBMITTED PHOTO - Team Tobor Tech poses after advancing to the Super Qualifying Tournament (from left): Parker Williams, Kevin Tsai, Mason Mann, Nick Degrood, Jeffery Sun, Jack Bride and Carl Bergstrom.

Team Tobor Tech moves to next round

Tobor Tech, a First Tech Challenge team associated with Lake Oswego Robotics, is advancing to this weekend's Super Qualifying Tournament in Hillsboro.

The team, which has competed in the state championships for three consecutive years, won the Inspire Award and boasted the winning alliance captain at a qualifying tournament Jan. 27 in Gresham. To receive the Inspire Award, the team had to impress judges who used interviews, the team's engineering notebook and its performance on the playing field to determine the winner.

The team is sponsored by several local companies, including Mentor Graphics, Intel, DW Fritz and Oracle. With these sponsorships, the team has been able to develop a sophisticated four-wheel steering drive system to maximize maneuverability for better performance.

Team members include Lake Oswego High students Parker Williams, Kevin Tsai, Mason Mann, Nick Degrood, Jeffery Sun and Carl Bergstrom, and Riverside High student Jack Bride.

Anthology to include poem by junior high student

SARNOWSKILakeridge Junior High eighth-grader Claire Sarnowski's poem "The Seasons Are Changing" will be published in Appelley Publishing's 2018 "Rising Stars Collection," which is scheduled for release in July.

Sarnowski's poem has also been entered in Appelley's poetry contest, which awards $4,000 in prizes to students from across the country in three grade-based divisions. Poetry entries are judged based on vocabulary, imagery and creativity; winners will be announced in April.

Here's Sarnowski's poem:


by Claire Sarnowski

I am the Dixon Ticonderoga pencils laying atop my ivory white desk, waiting to sketch my future.


The robin redbreast is busy plucking a worm from the dew covered lawn, fuchsia cherry blossoms burst like fireworks on the 4th of July, vivid yellow daffodils start to wake up from their winter naps and multiply while honey bees buzz around the garden like a minute hand on a clock;

The seasons are changing and so am I.


I am the twinkling fairy lights that dangle from my bedroom ceiling, lighting up the room as the sky turns dark and the stars come out.


Dipping my feet into the crystal clear ocean, watching my reflection as the waves ripple, I am lengthy strolls on the beach and piping hot sand in between my toes, roasting gooey s'mores over the campfire as marshmallow drips off the sides, the sun staying ablaze like a flaming ball of fire;

The seasons are changing and so am I.


I am the crisp autumn morning air whispering gently into my ear, multicolored leaves rustling as they flutter to the ground, rain slowly trickling down like sparkling glitter beads;

The seasons are changing and so am I.


I am the vibrant crimson Japanese Maple tree in my backyard that stays resilient even when the harsh winter leaves it bare.


Stringing the shimmering garland rich with its golden color on the Christmas tree, bundling up and walking outside, the only visible hue is my rosy red chapped cheeks. I loan my fleece Tiffany blue scarf to the lonesome snowman created by the kids next door while icicles form along the gutters, a result of the frigid temperatures;

The seasons are changing and so am I.

— The Review

Contract Publishing

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