by: SUBMITTED PHOTO - On left, Jill Greenwood, program manager, and Nancy Nye, director of the Arts Council of Lake Oswego, unveil the beloved sculpture August Trunk in its new location in front of Babica Hen Cafe in Lake Grove.The Arts Council of Lake Oswego recently relocated August Trunk, the 2011 People’s Choice award-winning sculpture, to Boones Ferry Road, in front of Babica Hen Café at 15964 Boones Ferry Road.

The Arts Council, Lake Grove Business Association’s art advisory committee and the city’s office of economic development have worked since last spring to find a high-profile location for the sculpture.

“It’s a beloved work of art,” said Nancy Nye, director of the Arts Council of Lake Oswego. “We wanted it to have a home where people could see and appreciate it in a new light. A big thanks to business owner Joe Buck, who was generous enough to provide the sculpture with landscaping and flood lights.”

Other public sculptures located in Lake Grove include Ram’s Head Benches and Dream in front of Lake Grove Elementary School; Time and Space located in Waluga Park; Untitled art in West Waluga Park, Blue Light Tower on Bangy Road in front of the Phoenix Inn and Totem, installed at the Jean Road Fire Station.